Open letter to critics of the new administration

Dear people,

Far be it from me to engender any more unnecessary and comical delusions that the Obama administration will bring about the fall of the United States.  Certainly you’ve held a loose rein on that particular strain of vitriol in recent days.  It has become such an imbecilic pose that we’ve already stopped listening to you.  If you have valuable insight into why we, as citizens of this country, should cower in fear of an administration that has been on the job less than one week, please feel free to share.  However, if you’re going to continue to trot out implacable positions that denigrate and instill doubt, please keep them to yourselves.  The continued double standard which is so blatantly obvious in your tone, posture, and desires for your own ego will no longer be tolerated by me or anyone else with half an ounce of sense.  We’re tired of the same old claptrap and we will no longer be subjected to it, via the media or via our own friends.  You’ve had your chance over the last eight years and not only did you start wars that can never possibly have a winner, you’ve destroyed a robust economy, made enemies of our allies, and have crafted policies that obliterate the fabric of our rights as human beings.  

Basically what I’m saying is this…give it four years.  Hell, give it more than a week and see if it’s not a better world to live in; a better world for your children and grandchildren.  If it’s not, I’ll be the first to offer help packing up and moving out of the White House.  But, if there is an inkling of hope…and I believe there is…then please, let it blossom into a fire of change for good on this little marble we call home.


The Conspiracy of Happiness.

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