Cinematic – Down the rabbit hole

Well, I feel as if I’ve neglected you intertubes!  It’s been many days since I last posted and I don’t really have a lot to say today.  Mostly, aside from work and church, I’ve been sucked in to the Facebook vortex and when I’m not doing that I’m watching a LOT of movies.  Netflix and DirecTV have been keeping me stocked with just about anything and everything you’d care to see.  With that in mind…be sure to check out the latest on the movie reviews page.

However, today, the movies and Facebook coincided in this latest meme in which I was tagged by my good friend, Big Guy (one of his many alter egos…or possibly personalities).  As such, I was unable to answer any of his (although one seemed familiar) and I thought I’d throw my own set out to you.  Play along…post your guesses in the comments and the person with the most right wins…wins…a gently used Santa Claus Pez dispenser (unfortunately, Pez sold separately).

The Rules

1. Pick 25 of your favorite movies.
2. Go to IMDb and find a quote from each movie.
3. Post them here for everyone to guess.
4. Strike it out when someone guesses correctly, and put who guessed it and the movie.
5. NO GOOGLING/using IMDb search functions or going to my favorite movies list on my profile!
6. Tag 10 people who you especially want to answer and/or post their own list.
7. Anyone can play, even if you’re not tagged.

1. Life creates it, makes it grow. Its energy surrounds us and binds us. Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter.  The Empire Strikes Back – mshellion

2. To Sir With Love It seems that you know so little, and are so easily amused, that I can look forward to a very happy time.  

3. I realize how difficult it’s going to be in this god-forsaken place where you can’t find what you need, but there’s the challenge.  Bridge on the River Kwai – Big Guy

4. You know, I mean, I didn’t do you any favours on that day, ok? I did a stupid, stupid thing. But it was only because I thought spoiling your day was better than ruining your life. Does that make any sense? Run Fat Boy Run – mshellion

5.  I’ve lived all five of my acts, Mahoney, and I am not asking you to be happy that I must go. I’m only asking that you turn the page, continue reading… and let the next story begin. And if anyone asks what became of me, you relate my life in all its wonder, and end it with a simple and modest “He died.” Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium – my wife, C.

6. Ladies and gentlemen… I guess that takes in most of you… Night At The Opera – Big Guy

7. We live and we die by the clock, that’s all we have. Cast Away – my Neighbor, S.

8. Definitely, Maybe No. What do you mean, ‘Will you, um, marry me?’ I haven’t seen you in weeks! You don’t look happy or excited about the prospect of our marriage! You’re asking me to give up my – my freedom, my joie de vivre for an institution that fails as often as it succeeds? And why should I marry you anyway? I mean, why do you wanna marry me? Besides some bourgeois desire to fulfill an ideal that society embeds in us from an early age to promote a consumer capitalist agenda? 

9. You’re killin’ me, Smalls. The Sandlot – Lenny

10. Now I know I’ve got a heart, ’cause it’s breaking…  Wizard of Oz – kylydia

11. Oh, you zip it, Doris! Rogers Hornsby was my manager, and he called me a talking pile of pigshit. And that was when my parents drove all the way down from Michigan to see me play the game. And did I cry?  A League Of Their Own – mshellion

12. Metropolitan I’ve always planned to be a failure anyway, that’s why I plan to marry an extremely wealthy woman.

13. You pay for that pee stick when you’re done! Don’t think it’s yours just cuz ya marked it with your urine! Juno – kylydia

14. It’s not often you see a guy that green have the blues that bad. The Muppets Movie – mshellion

15. You all wanna be looking very intently at your own belly buttons. I see a head start to rise, violence is going to ensue. Probably guessed we mean to be thieving here but what we’re after is not yours. So, let’s have no undue fussing. Serenity – Big Guy

16. Fuck you, batteries! Once – sarah

17. Oh, simple. I was nursing a director of General Motors. Kidney ailment, they said. Nerves, I said. And I asked myself, “What’s General Motors got to be nervous about?” Overproduction, I says; collapse. When General Motors has to go to the bathroom ten times a day, the whole country’s ready to let go. Rear Window – Big Guy

18. Spiders… the spiders… they want me to tap-dance. And I don’t want to tap-dance! Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban TiffanyTaylor

19. Well, ain’t this place a geographical oddity. Two weeks from everywhere! O Brother, Where Art Thou kylydia

20. You must chill. You must chill. Say Anything – Gleemonex

21. No, you’re *not* my family! I don’t wanna *be* your family! I hate you fucking people! Divorce? Bankrupt? Suicide? You’re fucking losers, you’re losers! No, please just leave me here, Mom. Please, please, please. Please… just leave me here.  Little Miss Sunshine – mshellion

22. The Hidden Fortress Get away from me! You stink of dead bodies! 

23. Hotel Rwanda I think if people see this footage they’ll say, “oh my God that’s horrible,” and then go on eating their dinners.

24. But for now, let me say – Without hope or agenda – Just because it’s Christmas – And at Christmas you tell the truth – To me, you are perfect – And my wasted heart will love you – Until you look like this. Love Actually – kylydia

25. Sorority Babes and the Slimeball Bowl-A-Rama Old Uncle Impy is just a little bit cranky. No fun being locked up, especially in a bowling trophy.


So, that about covers it.  These are 25 movies that I have enjoyed, cried over, laughed hysterically, or…well, who knows…it’s 25 movies.  So, some are easy, but some I think might be ridiculously difficult.  Do your best, because that Santa Pez dispenser is just waiting for a good home.

See you in the funny papers!

11 thoughts on “Cinematic – Down the rabbit hole

  1. I am NO GOOD at movie lines. I, however, can guess these:

    10. The Wizard of Oz (as spoken by the Tin Man)
    13. Juno (Rainn Wilson?)
    19. O Brother, Where Art Thou? (lovely George)
    24. Love Actually (annoying friend of Keira Knightley’s husband)

  2. This is the best I’ve got, though a few are achingly familiar.

    1> Empire
    3> Iron Man?
    4> Run Fatboy Run
    7> Hudsucker Proxy
    9> Raising Arizona
    10> Wizard of Oz
    11> A League of Their Own
    13> Juno
    14> Muppets Movie
    19> O Brother Where Art Thou
    20> Is that the one where Pauly Shore visits a farm?
    21> Little Miss Sunshine

  3. Sorry kylydia…#25 is not from The Big Lebowski. I did see it, but I don’t love it. I just don’t get the attraction, though Goodman is hilarious. The first 4 were right though.

    MsHellion takes the lead with 5 correct. Actually, you got 8 right, but Lydia had already taken some. I’ve not seen Iron Man, but I hear it’s good. Oh! Raising Arizona would’ve been a good one. Ha, ha…no, not Pauly Shore on the farm…but I love that movie for some reason.

  4. I totally should have known #11. I think I didn’t read it.

    Iron Man is actually good. I was expecting about a 2 on a scale of 1-10, but I’d give it a 7 or 8.

    What is that Pauly Shore one? Son-in-Law?

  5. God, you’re good — I’m pretty swell at movie lines, and I only know like three of these:

    20. Say Anything

    And I also knew 11, 13 and 14 but I was beaten to ’em.

  6. Gleemonex, turns out I suck at this game as well, but I like that I’ve chosen some films that people haven’t figured out. I was afraid somebody would immediately be able to get them all except for a couple.

  7. Hey – what a great idea. Don’t know that I can actually come up with 25 movies…but it will be nice to try. I only “got” some of the ones already “gotten”…such as the Wizard of Oz…oh well…what fun!!

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