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Good morning!  Now, I know I’ve been lax lately with the postings, but it’s been pretty hectic around here what with the culmination of the bathroom project, the origination of the baby room project, and the end of the semester “cram-it-all-in-before-the-money-runs-out” craziness.  And, that doesn’t even cover the impossibility of Holy Week where I’m at church 60% of the time.  Oh…and I ran a 10-mile road race in there just for good measure.  Yeah, that’s right…what did you do?

Anyway…since my career path is more of a stagnant pond than a rushing river and my wallet hasn’t seen actual cash since the Clinton administration, I thought I’d rejoice in a little good feeling stuff that’s happened lately.  My flickr account has been bubbling over with people using my photos for various projects.  Everything that I post there is licensed through Creative Commons.  With this license, folks are allowed to use my photos for anything and everything provided they credit me as the photographer, which is pretty cool.  So, since they’re kind enough to use my photos, I thought I’d help them out with a little credit myself.

  1. Back in November, someone contacted me about using a photo of mine for a book they were editing.  Naturally, I had no problem with this and asked them if they could send mea copy of the book.  Earlier this month, I received in the mail, from Poland, a copy of Can Do 2, which is a book that helps you learn to speak English in lower secondary schools.  My photo, of the entrance to the San Diego Zoo, is featured on page 82.
  2. Just yesterday, I was notified by Destination Guides that they had used a photo of mine as the main photo for their section on Society Hill, in Philadelphia, PA.
  3. A while ago, I was on a tour of Waverly Hills Sanatorium, I was able to get a few nice shots of a very spooky building.  One in particular was of the doors to the solarium where patients of the hospital would be able to get sunshine and fresh air.  Another Flickr user was able to turn the photo into something much more dramatic, called *Fear*.
  4. At Home Plate has used a couple of my photos for articles on the Minnesota Twins and the Arizona Diamondbacks.  This naturally inspires me to visit more parks and take more photos.
  5. Finally, this photo of Erin Andrews has garnered more than 71,000 views since I took the picture and uploaded it last summer.  I’d say it was inexplicable, except I know the capacity for web denizens to take the most benign photo of any beautiful woman, including this photo that doesn’t even show her face, and turn it into a web phenomenon.

So that’s what’s been going on here.  I’ve updated movies and events pages since I’ve been away, so check those out if you’re interested.  And, if you’d like me to take a photo for you, let me know.  It will be unprofessional, but free!

See you in the funny papers!

4 thoughts on “Now featuring…

  1. Thanks Jess…yeah, the sanatorium has always been sort of a hidden treasure of spookiness. It was a classic place, when I was younger, to sneak in and scare each other. Totally illegal you understand, but I knew people who said they went there. It wasn’t really my thing.

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