I believe I can fly…

We are all of us obliged, if we are to make reality endurable, to nurse a few little follies in ourselves. ~ Marcel Proust from “Remembrance of Things Past

Sometimes there are moment in our lives where, in the face of rationality, we cling to the irrational.  This is why people who are down on their luck financially buy lottery tickets.  It’s the very reason that superstitions arise from seemingly nowhere.  It’s the reason that I imagine that the new Star Wars films (not including that animated Clone Wars nightmare) were not as bad as critics maintained they were and that somehow my viewing of Red Sox games figures directly into the outcome.  We need the hopes of folly to make reality a little less devastating.

So, yesterday, I started a new hobby for myself which doesn’t really make any sense, but it’s a little folly that delays reality for moments at a time.  I settled into a comfortable area of my yard and began my bird-watching career.  Over the course of the morning, five different species were identified and I was able to get three more on a drive to a Derby party.  I still haven’t pinpointed one particular species that I know is nesting in the neighborhood…but I believe it’s more than likely a Black-crowned Night Heron.  I’m fairly sure that they’re in a migratory pattern and will not be around for long, so I’d like to make certain before they disappear.  So far though, I’ve really enjoyed my time watching birds.  I’m able to identify now by sight several birds and I can pick out the melody of the Song Sparrow just by leaning an ear toward the window.  I’m using WhatBird to assist my identification and it has been very, very useful.

I realize that with the impending birth of my daughter Aside: Still nothing…really, I promise, I’ll let you know. that this new hobby is more than likely folly, but it does take my mind off of the reality that I will soon be a father.  It also staves off the reality of work, yard maintenance, and other necessities.  So, I guess you’d say that my life, at least since yesterday, is for the birds!

See you in the funny papers!

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