May the Fourth be with you!

I wait an entire year to use that pun.  It’s almost the perfect pun: wordplay, Star Wars, makes my wife’s eyes roll, normal people get it right away, etc.

Speaking of Star Wars, don’t you sometimes wish you could wave your hand like Obi-Wan and get people to do/not do the things that you don’t want them to do.  Now, I realize that this falls into a category that sounds suspiciously like the dark side.  And, I get it, really, I mean, I’d be using it all the time for minor stuff because I don’t have the discipline to be a Jedi.  I’d be too easily swayed by getting my own way.  <hand wave>You want to make me chocolate chip cookies for no reason</hand wave> Plus, how big of a nerd am I that I just used HTML code to signify a Jedi mind trick?  You be the judge.

Take yesterday for instance, I can think of no less than 3 things where I would’ve used the Jedi mind trick.  

  1. You do not want to give that rambling sermon.
  2. You do want to be born today. Aside: Seriously, when is this baby coming? Is it wrong to use Jedi mind tricks on babies?
  3. You do not want to steal a base against the Red Sox. Carl Crawford…aka THE FLASH!

Plus, that whole using the Force to levitate things would make laundry so much easier.  And, with a lightsaber to mow the lawn!?  Seriously, just call me the domestic Jedi!

See you in the funny papers!

3 thoughts on “May the Fourth be with you!

  1. Funny you should ask Mar-cee-uh. We’re actually at the hospital right now. C.’s water broke this morning and we’re in the process. We’ll let you know how it goes.

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