Fear of flying

Let me begin this post by saying I feel the deepest of sympathies with families of the people lost on Air France 447.  I can think of very few things that would be more terrifying than to have someone on the other end of the phone tell me that a person I love has disappeared.  However, one thing I think would have been to be on that flight.  How terrifying must it have been to have flown into a thunderstorm and then plummet several miles into the ocean never to be seen again?  And this is exactly the sort of event that gives me great anxiety whenever we contemplate taking a trip involving flight.

Today, I read this article about the irrationality regarding the fear of flying from Live Science and I have this to say.  While I appreciate the science behind this article and I completely understand the statistical realities of flying versus other types of transportation and even illness, I want to express my sincere thought that this does not make a lick of difference to those of us who fear the reality of events like Air France 447.  It may very well be anticipatory anxiety, but that doesn’t make it any less frightening.

I do not like flight.  I will most likely never like flight and I promise you that no amount of statistical analysis is likely to change my mind regarding this phenomenon.  I’ll take my chances on the highway.

See you in the funny papers!

One thought on “Fear of flying

  1. I agree, fear is not necessarily rationale; as the statistics are. Does not lessen my fear either. I thought I heard that the plane MAY have broken up in flight then fell. All speculation, but for the souls lost on the plane I pray their deaths were instantaneous and that they knew nothing of their demise.

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