What? Wha…? Sorry, I can’t hear you!

Dear Local Media Outlet:

Thank you so much for your early morning coverage of the interstate construction/state fair traffic congestion this morning.  I’m certain that it was not only in-depth, but titillating for all your viewers/listeners.  I wouldn’t know exactly what the coverage was like because I was not tuned in.  However, I can only imagine that your local news “chopper” that hovered over/around my home for nearly an hour this morning beginning a little before 6:30 a.m. provided extensive information for everyone who was watching or listening.  Thank you so much for waking me well before the alarm and for being involved in my child’s being awake before it was time to take her to daycare.  It really got my day off to a rollicking good start and I can only hope that tomorrow will provide more of the same.  Nothing says “GOOD MORNING!” like the deafening buzz of a news helicopter in the early a.m.

It almost felt like they were filming an “Apocalypse Now” sequel and the air cavalry was providing fire support to ground troops ON MY STREET!  Other than that…it’s actually been pretty peaceful today.  Shock and surprise.

In other news, you should totally be listening to:

Imelda May’s Johnny Got A Boom Boom

Mos Def’s Quiet Dog

Trombone Shorty’s Orleans and Claiborne

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