Year 2004, October: Boston defeated the Yankees by overcoming a 3-0 deficit in the ALCS and won their first World Series in 86 years over the St. Louis Cardinals.  I was more excited about Boston beating the Yankees, I think.  But, to see the joy of generations celebrating a Boston championship was absolutely stunning.

Year 1999, December: It was the last day of the millennium and people everywhere were alternately excited and frightened at the prospect of four new digits on the calendar and the impending disaster of the Y2K bug which turned out to be a complete flop.  Also, I think that most people had forgotten about Prince’s song “1999” that we all played to death back in the 80s when 1999 was so far away.  I don’t remember how I spent my evening, but I’m pretty sure I was with friends and we were drinking.

Year 1994, June: I had just completed my worst semester of college ever.  Probably the worst semester of college ANYONE has ever had.  My transcript also shows that I did not go to school in the fall of that year, so it’s safe to assume that in my astounding knowledgeable grasp of the universe, I had decided that a college degree was unnecessary.  And, even though this memory is odd, I also know it was the last time I’d had my mother’s hamburger stroganoff which I miss terribly.  Unfortunately, the day and the meal bring up bad memories.  I hope that one day I can eat it again.

Year 1989, September: My first day of high school, a little fish in a big pond.  I was fortunate enough to have friends in higher grades who I could count on to assist me if necessary.  I also stepped up my lustful longings to include the head cheerleader whose locker was right outside the freshman biology lab.  Thankfully, that didn’t work out!

Year 1984, February: My grandfather, Henry, died today.  I remember, distinctly, every moment of that morning as my mother screamed panic through the phone at my grandmother who had called her and not 911.  I remember her racing past me in the car as I stood in the cold at the bus stop.  I remember asking my teacher permission to go to the office to call home to see if my fear could be confirmed.  And I remember the walk back up the stairs thinking that my sister would certainly be inconsolable, which now that I think about it was fairly grown-up thinking for someone of my age.

Year 1979, August: I started kindergarten today.  I loved my teacher, Mrs. Wilson, who would sing “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot” to us as we took naps on the floor.  I was the only person in kindergarten to have perfect attendance that year.  I still have the trophy which I cherish greatly.  It was probably the last time I really overachieved in school.

Year 1974, December: Okay, so I don’t really remember this, but I was born.  Hank Aaron hit number 715 in April of this year and tornadoes tore through Kentucky and Ohio destroying lots of things…so my appearance in the world was probably not so monumental a thing, but no less important!

See you in the funny papers!

Closing in on the finish

So, I’m getting very near to the goal.  85 miles and counting:


I’m hoping to buy myself a nice shirt to commemorate the finishing of this project, and I’d like for you to be involved in the process, so these are the three shirts I’m considering:

Pitt State Black TeePitt State Black SweatshirtPitt State Grey L/S Tee

So, the poll will be open at least until the next running update.  Let me know what you think!

See you in the funny papers!

Music for your morning

Good MORNING!  Yes, good morning.  How’s it going?  Did you get enough sleep?  Good, I’m glad.  Have you had your morning beverage, whatever that might be.  Good…good.  Okay, so let’s get to it.  Here in Ye Olde Hometowne we have a magnificent radio station supported by the public.  They call it “public radio”, heavens knows where they get these titles.  Anyway…at little old WFPK they play the best music and it’s the only radio station that C. and I listen to on a regular basis.  That said, our friend, Kyle Meredith has a short program on WFPK called The Daily Feed which promotes the latest and greatest music found on the Intertubes and the other day he had this little gem:

Warm Heart of Africa (Alan Wilkis Remix) by The Very Best

Now, if this particular tune doesn’t have you jamming throughout the day, then you need to reexamine your life and focus on your inner happiness.  Aside: I know, I know…inner happiness coming from me, Mr. Cynical Bastard. Also, I’m listening to these other items which I’m sure can be found at your local iTunes or other purveyor of fine musical gems:

Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked by Cage the Elephant

Sex on Fire by Kings of Leon

Resurrection Mary by Vandaveer

That about does it for today, except to say that I’m man enough to admit that the Red Sox stole the game from the Angels last night with a little help from the blue boys.  Nick Green swung at that ball and then he got another ball on an obvious strike.  The Angels have every right to be upset.  But, let me say this, I don’t really care because my boys in Boston won another one to put themselves up 6.5 games over Texas for the wild card.  It was awesome!

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Running Update

Just time for a running update.  I don’t feel all that great this morning…a little light-headed.  I think it’s because the munchkin keeps waking up at night because she’s hungry.  The doctor doesn’t want to give her solid food until she’s 6-months old.  I can’t decide who I want to listen to, the medical professional or the hungry child.  Anyway, I’ve decided that I can probably do a once-a-week running update now that I’m close to the end and I seem to be doing some running/walking every day for the most part.


That’s all for now…see you in the funny papers!

Running (?) Update

The mere title of this post is laughable.  I had to dig into the archives of my website to figure out when the last running update occurred.  Unfortunately, it was back on April 16.  Yes, and even MORE unfortunately, I haven’t run much since then.  Apparently, this whole “baby” thing is going to be more time consuming than originally thought.  And, my latest attempts at completion of this undertaking have been meager walks at best…but at least I’m moving.

For those of you joining us in progress, the goal was to virtually run (and/or walk) from Louisville, KY to Pittsburg, KS in memory of my friend, Melisa Augustson who was murdered in her home in 2001.  It’s a 570 mile trip of which I’m currently 455 miles in.  Below is a map showing my progress.  If you click on the map, you can see a larger version which may show you that I’m just past Marshfield, MO.  Interesting facts about Marshfield to follow the map.


So, anyway, about Marshfield, MO.  It happens to be one of the more interesting places on my trek.  Why?  Well…

On April 181880, an intense tornado measuring F4 on the Fujita scale struck Marshfield. Its damage path was 800 yards (730 m) wide and 64 miles (103 km) long. The tornado killed 99 people and injured 100, and it is said that 10% of Marshfield’s residents were killed and all but 15 of its buildings were destroyed.[1] According to Ripley’s Believe It or Not!, a baby girl was found sleeping peacefully in the branches of a tall elm. This is believed to be the origin of the children’s lullaby “Rock A Bye Baby.” The child was never identified and was later adopted by a local family.

And…The town boasts the oldest Fourth of July celebration West of the Mississippi River and in the State of Missouri.

Also…The home of Edwin Hubble. The stretch of Interstate 44 through Marshfield is named the Edwin Hubble Highway.

So there you have it.  I’m 115 miles from the goal.  I’d like to reach that by the anniversary of Melisa’s death which would be December 14.  I know, I keep pushing this goal back…but I will achieve it!

See you in the funny papers!