NaBloPoMo 2009 – CHC

NaBloPoMo2009I know.  I’m running late.  I was almost afraid that this would be my shortest NaBloPoMo ever.  However, I have an excellent reason…actually, two related reasons.

First of all, last night was IvyCat’s first overnight at my parents’ house.  She’d never been away from us for more than a few hours, like date night or something, so it was a novelty.  By all accounts, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.  IvyCat had a great time and was basically oblivious to the difference.  Grandma and Grandpa kept commenting on what a great baby she was and is Aside: although, I think there may be a tad bit of bias there, she is a good baby. and how much they enjoyed keeping her.  I hope this is a good omen for future visits and overnights.

The second reason is that the overnight was due to C. and I attending a marriage retreat sponsored by our church.  Now, before you go jumping to the immediate conclusion, our marriage is not in danger.  Far from it, actually.  Truth is, our marriage is solid and tends toward a model for other marriages. Aside: That last bit is my own opinion, but truly, our marriage is and always has been a really great one and it’s nice to have the notion reinforced.  Still, we decided that it couldn’t hurt to go just to enjoy ourselves, get some time away without any real responsibilities, and engage with other couples from our church.  It was a wonderful event and I would highly recommend it to other couples seeking out ways to enhance their marriage without the “blame-fest” that can occur in therapy.  According to our facilitator, couples who attend retreats are more likely to stay together than couples who wait until they need counseling.  Plus, what a gorgeous weekend for the event.  The beautiful sunlight, outstanding unseasonally warm temperature, and amazing conference center less than two hours away from home. Sure, it was only for about 24 hours, but so worth it and it really helped C. and I reconnect and see why we continue to love each other even in the midst of child/work obligations.

So, there you have it.  A wonderful start to the weekend.  Tomorrow, I intend to finish my MRH570 running goal, maybe even outside if the weather stays nice.  Also, LP is extremely close to cracking the code (though, I think she’s trying to make it harder than it is) and no one else has even ventured a guess.  I’ll give another clue: The number of days in November is relevant to the code.

Music I’m currently listening to:
Tabasco Sole by The Voluntary Butler Scheme
Domino by Spiral Beach

See you in the funny papers!

2 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo 2009 – CHC

  1. I’ve got the part about MLB cities, and the 30 teams in 30 days part. Is there more than that, I think so, and therefore haven’t quite cracked it.

  2. Nope…that’s it. Ellen wins! 30 MLB teams, 30 days. In retrospect, not all that deceptive a code, but good enough for some way to label the days. Now, to think of a prize…

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