NaBloPoMo 2009 – NYM

NaBloPoMo2009Today, I want to share a little duality that occurred to me.  The duality concerns my goal of running from Louisville, KY to Pittsburg, KS and today being the twentieth anniversary of the Berlin Wall coming down.

November 9, 1989 as citizens around the world watched, hundreds, if not thousands, of newly unified Germans proceeded to destroy the wall that had kept East Germany behind the Iron Curtain for a quarter of a century.  The wall itself was 87 miles long and the “death strip,” as it came to be known, between the wall and a smaller inner border wall was 110 yards.  110 yards was all that separated East Germans from the freedom of a different world.  How far is that?  Well, Usain Bolt of Jamaica recently covered that rough distance in a world record time of 9.58 seconds.  The average person probably could’ve covered it at a full run in 30 seconds…and still (though the official numbers are debated) nearly 200 people died trying to cross the chasm.

My own goal of running to Pittsburg, KS in memory of my friend Melisa Augustson was a much further distance.  This weekend, I managed to eke out a little over the 570 miles necessary to complete the journey.  However, it turns out that I failed to map that distance before setting out and the actual mileage is closer to 582 miles.  So, while I achieved the “goal,” I haven’t actually achieved the distance.  As you can see from the map, sort of, I’m roughly 10 miles from Pittsburg which I hope to complete this week.

Missed it by THAT much!

A little disappointing, but only because of my mapping/math skills and not for my overall running.  I will achieve this goal and I’m looking forward to getting myself a shirt.  Which reminds me, there’s still time for you to vote on which shirt you like best. There was a grand total of ONE VOTE since I put up this poll.  Now is your chance to decide.  Pick the shirt you like best.

See you in the funny papers!

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