NaBloPoMo 2009 – PIT

NaBloPoMo2009Do you ever find yourself wondering if maybe there are alternate realities?  I’m talking of places where you exist, but where everything you know is different.  Different city, same you; different language; same you.  For example, what if, in another dimension, there is another me, just like me now, who lives in an alternate dimension or at the very least on the far side of the universe.  And, what if that other me is wealthy?  Or what if that other me is a slave?  Or what if that other me is a silicon-based life form bearing no resemblance whatsoever to anything that we, in this galaxy, understand or recognize?  Honestly, I don’t know where all this is coming from.  It could be that I have nothing to write about, it could be that I’ve seen too much Stargate, it could even be that my alternate dimension me is trying to contact me via “faster than light” telepathic impulses to guide me to a future that only it is aware of.  Like as not, it could be that I wandered through some psychotropic haze on my way across campus earlier today.  But, just for a second, imagine what it would be like to meet an alternate you.  Sort of Back to the Future, but different.  Would you be friends with you?  Would you own you?  Would you play fetch with you?  Okay…sorry, now it’s just getting too weird.

So, I don’t know what all that was about.  I think, really, I just needed to let off some steam and not think about work for a second.  I had a literal shit-ton Aside: That’s reverse metric of things to get done today.  Some of those things were accomplished, others were dented…still others my computer would simply not cooperate in order for me to advance beyond staring dumbly at the screen.  I’m looking forward to an evening of relaxation…however, I know that Mount Saint Laundry is calling from beneath the basement stairs and the treadmill has been sorely neglected these last couple of days, so the relaxation may have to wait for a while.  But, tomorrow’s payday and it’s only 7.5 work hours til the weekend.

See you in the funny papers!

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