NaBloPoMo 2009 – KAN

It is finished.  I completed my goal of running the mileage between Louisville, Kentucky and Pittsburg, Kansas in memory of my dear friend, Melisa Augustson.  If you’d like to read more about Melisa, the article about her death is available online here.  It’s been a long time, a broken ankle, and even a premature finish from last week…but it was definitely worth it.  I have a new goal in mind, but I may wait until December to let you in on it.  Actually, now that I think of it, I have two goals which will coincide with each other.  And, now that I have you salivating at the thought of what they might be…I’ll be leaving you to wonder to what new limits I can push myself.

Below is the final map for this goal.  It’s not really important what it looks like except to show you the distance is no small feat.  I hope you’ve enjoyed following me on this trek and I’m excited to begin anew on another one.

582 Miles - GOAL COMPLETE!

See you in the funny papers!

2 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo 2009 – KAN

  1. I am sure my sister would be honored. Our entire family would like to say thank you for remembering Melisa and dedicating your run to her.

    Best of luck in your future endeavors.

  2. Thank you for your kind words Cordell. Your sister was my best friend and I hope she would be honored by my run. Tell your family I said hello and thanks for reading.

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