Best of 2009 Challenge – Blogs

Another in a series of Gwen Bell’s Best of 2009 Challenge:  Today’s entry is Blog Find of the Year

I suppose my best blog find of the year was Swiss-Miss.  No, not the chocolate…it’s a design website and it’s a repository, not only for her own design information, but for all sorts of neat/cool/wonderful things across the Intertubes.  I find myself getting lost in this website.  I don’t really have a need for any of the things, but sometimes you see things that you just really REALLY want because they’re so darned amazing.

Also, Gleemonex turned me on to All & Sundry this year, due in no small part to my minor nervous breakdown and my having a child this year.  Gleemonex is still the queen of funny on my browser, but Sundry has managed to capture a lot of wonderful “milk-snorting” moments in prose.  They’re sort of my West Coast Valium duo that keeps my sanity in check.  I can’t believe I’m so lazy that I haven’t added her to the blogroll list yet.  I promise to do that this week.

And, finally, it can’t hurt for me to plug my brother-in-law’s website JBPots for all your pottery needs.  J. is an accomplished ceramics artist and I can vouch for the functionality and artistic design of all his creations.  Most of our favorite dishes (particularly coffee mugs and serving bowls) are JBPots originals.  He has an etsy shop for purchases as well, so if you’re still looking for that perfect holiday gift for a special someone, may I recommend JBPots for something unique and useful.  I don’t do nepotism for just anyone, and I assure you that this plug for his art was in no way compensated.  Everything you get here at the Conspiracy is 100% free from bias and coercion.

See you in the funny papers!

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