Best of 2009 – Moment of Peace

Another in a series of Gwen Bell’s Best of 2009 Challenge: Today’s entry is Moment of Peace

There are moments in my life, pretty much on a regular basis, that would qualify as a moment of peace.  They are often brief, fleeting seconds, but they are there and they are noticeable.  However, I think today’s challenge should reflect a much larger moment of peace.  After a brief review of the year, I identified two moments of peace that warrant discussion here.

  1. The birth of my daughter on May 4.  For a few moments, just after the little one made her appearance in the world and was whisked off by the neonatologist team to be examined, I let out a deep breath that I’m sure I had been holding for several minutes.  The room sort of calmed in an extraordinary way considering that there were seven people present other than me and my wife.  At that moment, I had no fear, no worry, no conscious thought at all…there was just basic quiet and I relaxed.  It didn’t last long, but I remember it distinctly.
  2. The inauguration of President Obama on January 20.  It had been a long time since there was a palpable calm in politics even amid the overwhelming joy and excitement.  Still, there were moments when people in the office stood completely transfixed as the events of the day unfolded and there was good reason.  The world, and I don’t mean this lightly, the WORLD was changing with the onset of Barack Obama’s presidency.  There was unique and genuine moment during the day when you felt a shift to a new paradigm that heralded great change.

Both of these moments were amazing…and to have them come in the same year is remarkable.  I can only hope that 2010 brings some life-altering moments as well.

See you in the funny papers!

4 thoughts on “Best of 2009 – Moment of Peace

  1. Good call on the inauguration. I persuaded my now husband to take a vacation day with me and we sat on the couch and watched coverage of the inauguration, non-stop, for about 10 hours. It’s all we did. We talked about people, we suffered through a very long inaugural parade, we cringed at some of the ball gowns. However, the moment that sticks out in my mind was that all-too-short ceremony at the podium of the oath taking. There was complete silence at our house (hard to acheive with three dogs and a parrot) during that moment. As soon as Justice Roberts shook our President’s hand in congratulations, we looked at each other and we both had tears in our eyes.

    That sounds totally cheesy when it’s written down, but it is the absolute truth and it was just such a moving experience.

  2. Thanks LP, I think a lot of people really felt that way and there was just that moment when it all felt right. It does seem a little cheesy, but I think Hallmark is on to something when they write commercials that way. They’re designed to pull at the heart strings…and I’m glad that the inauguration was something that affect people in that way.

    Julie, thank you. I believe you mean cherish the memory because there haven’t been a lot of “still” moments since then, and you’re right…but I also will always cherish the memory for what it really was as well.

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