It’s alive…It’s ALIVE!

I’m back bitchezzz!  That’s right…nothing new and improved about me though, still the same ol’…well, actually, that’s not true, but we’ll get to that in a minute.  First, thank you for not giving up on me.  I know that there are some of you who keep checking in just to see if I’ve written anything and I appreciate your patience.  I realize it’s been a while and there have been good reasons and no reasons.  The good news is that I’m back.  Now, on with the updates:

  • New job. Not gonna blog about it, just tellin’ ya.  Truth is though, it’s great.  I love it.  And as I have told many people, it’s exactly where I need to be right now.  It’s not my life’s goal, but it’s a wonderful situation and I’m very excited about it.
  • Illness. I think I’ve finally killed off/narrowed down/successfully hidden from the source of my illness that has plagued me since the dawn of time Aside: Okay, November, but still…damn, that’s a long time. I had awful sinus issues that would not go away.  They were more nuisance than painful, but I think I’ve finally relieved myself of the worst of it.
  • Marathon training. Well, the illness put a damper on training somewhat.  Up until this week, I had really been slacking, but not due to my usual laziness and procrastination.  The weather has certainly lived up to its wintry expectation and that, coupled with my aforementioned sinus problems made for days that were simply not good for training, physically or mentally.  However, I’m back with a vengeance and I’m looking to put up some big numbers in February.  As it was, I only put in 37.2 miles last month, which is not only my lowest monthly total since late summer, it is well off my pace of 50 miles per month to reach my two year goal of 1200 miles.  Still, I hope to recoup some of that this month.
  • Haiti. What a horribly disastrous event that was and though the public outcry seems to be dying down, we should be aware that it’s going to take decades to recover, if ever, from this event.  If there is any thread of your being that values human dignity, please give to your favorite relief organization that is supporting the efforts in Haiti.  I recommend the Red Cross, if for no other reason than I regularly donate blood and I know that it is a worthwhile organization with little or no corruption.  Haiti is one of, if not THE poorest nation on the planet and to have suffered from this devastating earthquake and the resulting catastrophic aftermath must be a national nightmare on a scale that I cannot even begin to imagine.  And, I’m not even going to dignify the outrageous lunacy of Pat Robertson with a diatribe on this one.
  • The Supreme Court. At first glance, I thought, oh great, what a bunch of idiots, they’ve ruined something else.  Then, I began to hear the arguments of free speech and I thought I’d better take a closer look before I casually set my mind against something.  Turns out, I was right to begin with.  This is not free speech.  If anything, it’s speech that is bought and paid for with corporate money and it squeezes out the actual free speech of the citizen.  And, while this is certainly an oversimplification, I’m sure it won’t be long until we see “President So-and-So, brought to you by ExxonMobil Corp.” or possibly Congresspersons with national brands emblazoned on their suits as product placement for viewing on C-SPAN.  I’d say I’m amazed that the court came to this decision, but nothing really amazes me anymore.
  • Healthcare. I’m not surprised it failed.  I’m saddened that it did, if only because this means it will take longer for people who really need health insurance to get it.  I’m not even really sure who to be mad at.  The Republicans, sure, that’s the easy target.  But, the Democrats weren’t making it easy to get behind with their constant alterations to woo votes.  It all seemed like typical politics which only disenfranchises the American voter.  Americans need health insurance, or we need a system where being sick or getting sick does not cause undue hardship.  I’m thankful to have wonderful health insurance and I simply can’t fathom how different my life would be if it were not for decent, affordable medical coverage.
  • Toyota. Have you guys been taking lessons from Ford and GM?  I love my Corolla and I consider Toyota to be one of the most reliable, safest, well-engineered cars on the road today.  Let’s just hope that this issue is a blip on the radar screen.  Still, I’m not saying that I’m blindly loyal to Toyota.  Does your company make a car that gets excellent gas mileage and has safety ratings with more stars than the Milky Way?  Let’s talk.  I need a form of transportation that gets me and my family from here to there safely without unnecessary trips to the pump.
  • Gays in the military. Is the military simply another in a long line of bastions of ignorance when it comes to the life of a homosexual?  It is my understanding that the military trains its personnel to march, shoot, crawl, stand at attention, and obey orders regardless of sex, or skin color, or religious affiliation.  Why shouldn’t they be able to instill that same training in homosexuals?  And why should it matter to anyone else?  This “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy is merely a face-saving form of discrimination.  My grandchildren will never understand why we didn’t see this issue for the fallacy that it is.
  • Wrap up. John Edwards, creepy.  iPad, unnecessary.  Tiger Woods, shameful.  Tea Party, loony.  And, finally, am I just missing the boat on Lady Gaga?  I tried to listen to her music, but I don’t see the genius that everyone keeps going on about.  Of course, I never cared for My Morning Jacket either and look how big they became.

That should just about do it.  Got a problem with any of it, question me about it on my formspring page.  I’ll try my best not to make it such a long time in between postings again.  I know you miss me.  By the way, C. and IvyCat are doing great.

See you in the funny papers!

4 thoughts on “It’s alive…It’s ALIVE!

  1. LP, yeah, I saw MMJ when they first started out and they were a bunch of hooligans whose music sounded like it was being funnelled through a rain barrel. Their stage show was awful and it was all just a bunch of noise. C. and I even argued with the program director of a local radio station about how not great they were…he said they’d be big, and they are…I just don’t know how. I guess it’s a matter of taste.

    Mar-cee-uh, thanks. I need to get some new pictures up…but we just haven’t taken a lot lately. I can’t wait for Spring so that we can go outside and get some good photos.

  2. I first saw them at their Palace Thanksgiving show in 2005. I think they’d gotten some more stage presence skills under their belt because they pretty much rocked the house (granted, it’s pretty easy in that awesome house and in a band’s hometown). They sometimes are too loud and drone-y for me, but overall, I’m a fan. I like the lead singer’s new collaboration as Monsters of Folk, too.

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