For fools and those who are fooled

I’ve never been very big into April Fools’ Day.  It’s not something that really grabs my attention.  I suppose because I’ve never really bothered to think up something elaborate that didn’t also seem, somehow, cruel and unnecessary.  Now, don’t get me wrong…there are plenty of magnificent pranks out there and I enjoy lots of them.  But why do we need to limit them to one day?  Anyway, so what I’m getting at is that this is not really my holiday.  Although, one time, I did manage to turn everything in my boss’s office completely upside down: books, pictures, computer tower, clocks, diploma.  Anything that could be turned over, I did it.  The cool part of this prank is that nothing is really hurt AND at first glance everything looks normal.  I suppose I’m a subtle prankster.

One prank I’ll never forget is when my aunt M. and uncle M. got married.  My aunt’s sister (also an M., oddly) filled their honeymoon car with shredded paper from her office.  Now, this was back in the day when printers had continuous feed…so not only was the paper shredded, but it had those little chits, or “hanging chads” as we infamously call them now, from the feed slots.  Uncle M. said they had paper coming out of the air vents for the next 6 months.  When they opened the door on their wedding day, the paper didn’t even budge.  It was all in there tight.  Anyway, uncle M. swore he would follow her to the moon to get her back.  Unfortunately, he never got the chance, but that was a prank that was wonderfully classic and always provides a good memory.

So, I hope you had a good April Fools’ Day.  I hope you weren’t burned too many times or I hope you gave as good as you got.  And, if you’re so inclined, don’t feel limited to April 1.  Go ahead and play some tricks…have a little fun!

See you in the funny papers!

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