I just don’t even know…

  1. I’m not the perfect parent, I’ll admit that.  I’ll also admit that I’ve only been doing this for 15 months now.  But, if you’re letting your child walk around and disturb (even quietly) other patrons at a restaurant while you sit and chat idly about your day (I assume), then you’re not doing your job.  Make no mistake, it’s a job.  It can be a fun job.  It can be a crazy job.  But, it’s a job that you’re required to do.  So do it.
  2. If you’re a child, I give you a lot of leeway because I can understand that you don’t get normal social attitudes.  I’ll also allow for the fact that you may have some borderline social disorder.  But, if you’re standing less than 3 inches (no joke!) from my arm, staring at either me or my family while we eat, you need to back the hell up!  And, I say this with love, but if you continue to do this throughout life, you’re never going to have any friends.  Oh, and tell your parents (who are using the restaurant as a babysitter) that you need a belt, because when your shorts fall of your bony little body at your age, it’s not cute.  It’s weird.
  3. I agree with my wife.  Sonic, your commercials are so much better than your food.
  4. We’re in the midst of a nasty heat wave.  And, it’s not just us.  It’s the whole country.  I saw the USAToday map the other day and the whole thing was a version of orange.  Dark orange, light orange, orange like the sun…and just as hot.  Even I’ve started to sweat recently which lets me know that the temperature is out of control.  If I’m sweating, it’s hot.
  5. I’m so bummed about the Red Sox.  This year has been devastating in the injury department and I hate it when people make excuses to explain away poor performance, but most of this year they’ve been playing without a full complement of their players.  I don’t mean that the roster has gotten smaller, but the players that they broke spring training with have been missing from most of the games.  And, the loss of Youkilis for the rest of the season really puts a damper on the season.  I haven’t written them off, because even in the midst of all this, they’re still within striking distance in the most difficult division in baseball.  I’m still very proud of them for dealing with the injuries, but it’s going to be a long winter if we don’t make the playoffs.  A good showing against the Yankees this weekend would go a long way to making it feel better.
  6. My wife watches Project Runway.  I sit through it because I think Tim Gunn is cool.  My wife watches So You Think You Can Dance.  I sit through it because occasionally there’s a decent dance and Mary Murphy is no longer screaming on my television.

See you in the funny papers!

3 thoughts on “I just don’t even know…

  1. Total agreeance with all of this, except the heatwave part. I’m freezing my frickin chachas off in the house on the edge of the continent, and I’ve seen the sun about twice since April. It puts a girl in a SURLY GODDAMN MOOD, you feel me?

  2. Glee, I totally get it. I’d gladly send you some heat if I could figure out a way. Or, hell, maybe I’ll just come visit Frisco. I could pick up a couple of hats at ballparks in the Bay Area. That might be nice…now if I could just find the time and money.

    Free, glad I could make it happen. And, glad you’re a new reader. Hope you find something new to laugh at in future posts.

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