The Wire

Our homeless citizens, those who have fallen through the cracks of our society, thosebaltimore_2007_06 who command the least of our attentions and efforts, they seemingly have little to endear themselves to politicians. They don’t vote, by and large. They don’t contribute to campaigns. They offer little to a city’s tax base and to the extent that our government is made aware of their existence it responds by trying to mitigate the damage done by their presence. We open a food bank here, a shelter there, we try to move them away from downtown, away from our communal areas, away from our schools, away from our homes. If you were to judge our society by the manner in which we treat those lost on our streets we would have cause to be shamed.

Well …I believe that we will be judged by what we provide to the weakest and most vulnerable. That is the test…

~Aidan Gillen as Mayor Thomas Carcetti

C. and I just finished watching The Wire, a series on HBO, thanks to S. and S. for loaning their DVDs.  I’ve not been engaged in a series like that in some time.  We spent the summer evenings watching 2 or 3 episodes at a time.  Unfortunately, five seasons is not enough of that show and I’d love to see more.  There is a saying, probably, somewhere, in entertainment to always leave ’em wanting more.  Well, I definitely want more.  I highly recommend it, if not just for quotes like the above which should be guidelines for all of our elected officials.

See you in the funny papers!

Photo courtesy of Husein Kadribegic

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