What the world needs now…

It’s been a rough summer.

Fighting fire near Crowley, LA

First, the heat was nearly unbearable and, y’all know me, I like the heat.  I don’t mind sweating at all.  But there was something about this summer that was unique in its swelter.  The grass in my yard still hasn’t recovered, likely because it still hasn’t really rained here.  I don’t know what the official rainfall total is, but we’re behind, I guarantee it.

Second, it has been a tough year emotionally.  Both C. and I had friends commit suicide this summer and while these friends were people we weren’t necessarily in close contact with, it still is emotionally draining.  It’s hard to see friends who are near your age decide that their only option is to leave everything behind.  It’s hard to imagine that suicide is the way to deal with frustration or sadness or failure or whatever it is that brings you to that decision.  And, I can only hope that in death these people have found a peace that was unavailable to them in this life.  I also hope that their families can find some peace, some sort of understanding in their time of grief.

Politically, there seems to be a powder keg with a short fuse being lit for this election cycle.  I think there are people who are out to get theirs at the expense of others.  I think there are people out to capitalize on a short-sighted populace.  I think there are people who truly want to do good and others who are simply pleased to get by on the status quo.  I don’t think these things fall along traditional party lines.  I’m also not certain that there are going to be “party lines” any more.  What I do know is that somehow as a government everyone needs to get their act together, put pettiness aside, and learn to work towards making this a great country again.  Where does this start?  I think it starts with assisting people who are legitimately poverty-stricken.  I think it starts with putting people back to work in jobs.  I think it starts with educating children to compete in the global economy.  I believe that we need to eliminate entitlement as an attitude.  I believe that we need to eliminate the ever-widening gap between the greedy and those not making ends meet.  I believe that we need to instill in our children a desire to be educated…truly educated, not just taught the answers to a test.

Call me wishful.  Label me a socialist.  Whatever.  Just get it fixed.

Finally, it’s my opinion that the world needs a little more love.  I know that sounds trite, but it’s true.  There’s simply not enough love in this world.  This means you, nations of the world.  This means you, neighbors on Main Street USA.  This means me and you setting aside the ridiculousness and learning to be part of each others lives in a meaningful way, on a local, regional, and global level on a daily basis.

I apologize for not having written in a month.  I was back to being sick again which just makes me depressed.  Also, I have two jobs and I started graduate school.  Oh, and occasionally I get to see my wife and daughter.  Best part of my life was last Saturday morning when we took IvyCat to the park and watched her slide at the playground.  Those are moments that everyone should get to experience in their lifetime.

See you in the funny papers!

Photo Credit: Library of Congress, Prints & Photographs Division, FSA/OWI Collection, LC-DIG-fsa-8a23611 (digital file from original neg.) LC-USF33-011632-M1 (b&w film nitrate neg.)