An exercise in futility

Once you learn to quit, it becomes a habit. ~Vince Lombardi

I learned to quit some time ago.  No one taught me, it just happened.  Oh, shit, I just realized that I’d better clarify.  I am not, repeat NOT, quitting graduate school…at least, not just yet.  No, this reference to quitting is about my inability to complete an entire NABLOPOMO in the history of this blog.  Something always happens that causes me to fail in the waning moments.  It’s not like I intend to quit, it just happens.  And, honestly, given how my life is working at the moment…and it’s all fine, really, just hectic…I don’t see a different outcome to this year’s event.  Still, wouldn’t it be cool to do it this one time?  Particularly since I didn’t blog at all last month…sheesh!

Speaking of graduate school, things are still humming along.  It’s a lot of work.  At least, it’s a lot of work to me.  I mean, with a full time job, a part time job, and a family…adding grad school to that mix is sort of a recipe for disaster.  And, I don’t usually thrive on disaster.  I usually wilt like a lily on Easter Monday during a disaster.  Okay, I’m a little better than that, but I do like occasional free time.  And, recently, what with being a grownup and all, it doesn’t seem like I’ve had any free time.

The good news amongst all this is that I feel good.  I’m healthy.  Or at least a modest facsimile of healthy.  I haven’t had to go to the doctor recently which has been outstanding.  Although, I have been waking up at really odd hours lately for no good reason.  Y’know, 3:15 a.m., 4:35 a.m., and strangely…none of this is baby related. Aside: She’s doing great y’all.  18 months old this week.  Pictures to follow soon! It’s the weirdest damn thing to just wake up and be awake for no reason.  I assume it’s the moderate stress, which also seems to be manifesting itself in some mild back aches and a twitching eyelid…but, hey, it’s almost winter and I don’t have a team in the postseason, so what am I complaining about? HA!

Seriously though, I do have most things under control and I managed to nail the first day of NABLOPOMO.  We’ll cross our fingers on the rest of it and hope for the best.  If you missed me last month, all 3 of you, let me hear ya.  I promise to do a better job of it this month, at least as much as that is humanly possible.  If you didn’t miss me last month, well…I don’t really blame you.  This place had sort of gone to the dogs, as it were.  Again, I’ll do better this month.

Check out photos to the right of my recent trip to South Dakota.  Also, if you’d like to hear my opinion on anything, let me know and it could show up in a blog post.

See you in the funny papers!

2 thoughts on “An exercise in futility

  1. I really look forward to your comments concerning the disaster that might occur tomorrow! Hopefully the results will be better than I anticipate!

  2. It wasn’t a terrible disaster. I think we’ll be okay. It will be interesting in the coming year though. To be honest, I don’t think much is going to change. My guess it that there will be business as usual with a modicum of pandering to the public.

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