Exercising your rights

I voted this morning.  I took my daughter with me as sort of an introduction to the civic process.  She really didn’t have much interest, but she did find walking around and under the voting booth tables to have great entertainment value.

I truly love to vote.  It instills in me a sense of pride and ownership in my state and country.  I know there are naysayers who claim my vote doesn’t count, but I suppose I still see the rose-colored hues of an electorate that is responsible for its leaders.  If I don’t vote, then I can’t hold those elected accountable for their actions.  And, we should.  We should hold everyone accountable for their actions, regardless of party affiliation.

In my particular voting district, I’m hoping for the following wins:

Jack Conway for U.S. Senate

John Yarmuth for U.S. Representative

Greg Fischer for Mayor

You may disagree with me, and I’m happy to listen to your arguments if you prefer.  Let’s just keep it civil and we’ll get along just fine.  Let me know how your election day turned out and possibly we’ll discuss the hoopla in tomorrow’s post.

In other news, blogging for one day in November has already garnered 10% of the views for all of October.  If you write it, they will come…if they have time, and are not already busy doing other things, and their usual television lineup is in reruns.

See you in the funny papers!

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