What are YOU talking about?

I struggled for some time coming up with a post for today.  It’s as though all my energy and creativity was displaced by an incoherent network of dead links.  I know that it has to do with an upcoming event at work, the constant demands of grad school, the need for spending time with my family, and the continued insistence of my body to awaken at a ridiculous hour.  I desperately desire about 4 hours in the afternoon where I can just go to sleep and not worry about anything.   I’m not sure that my body could withstand it though.  It might be utterly confused.  I’m somewhat embarrassed to say that I really couldn’t even come up with random thoughts for this post.  Four days in to a “post-a-day” blogging month and I’m already stumped.

So, now I’m opening up the floor.  Tell me what you’d like to hear about.  I could go and find a topic, maybe Aside: although, I did a quick search and literally turned up nothing I’d be interested in but as a reader, maybe you’d like my insight on something.  Maybe you’d like to hear about my favorite moment in history.  Maybe you’d like for me to put together a menu of things I’d serve if we were to have dinner together.  I don’t know…you tell me.  No topic is off the table, at least not until my brain returns.  If I get nothing from you, you’re going to really hate the next 26 days.

See you in the funny papers!

3 thoughts on “What are YOU talking about?

  1. You live in a city. Tell us about that city. What are your favorite independent restaurants? What’s your favorite family activity to do in your city? If you were having visitors who’d never been there, before, where would you take them to see the real essence of your city?

    (mostly, I’m asking this to try and look on the bright side of your city, which I’ve never been able to cozy up to.)

  2. I too went 2 for 3 in the big races. Curious how R. Paul will do…..

    Hey, do you miss us down here at all? Tell us about it :0)

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