Plausibility City

Thank you Intertubes for coming to the rescue of a blogger who has no immediate creativity.  I’ve got at least 3 ideas for blog posts which will take me through the weekend, so hopefully I’ll be able to come up with something on my own by then.

First up though, kylydia asked me to talk about my city.  I live in Louisville, KY and it may be the smallest big city you ever visit.  There’s a code that this city lives by and it’s part of what makes it difficult to fit in.  The first question people ask you is where you went to school.  They mean high school.  And, immediately upon your answer, they’ve made a judgement call…your high school enables them to discern education, socioeconomic status, and to a smaller degree whether they’ll like you or not.  If you didn’t go to high school in Louisville, they have to do a harder job of figuring these things out which may or may not be something they’re interested in.  This may seem sort of snarky, but it happens and people who live in this city know exactly what I’m talking about.

Now then…on to what makes Louisville great.

  • Dining out – we’re home to some of the best local restaurants.  A short list would include Ramsi’s, Hillbilly Tea, August Moon, Bluegrass Brewing Co. (this one’s mostly for the beer!), and Safier’s.  These are some of my favorites.  There is no shortage of restaurants and a fairly exhaustive list can be found at my friend, Robin Garr’s Louisville Hot Bytes.
  • Baseball – specifically bats.  Louisville is home to the Louisville Slugger Factory & Museum which has made bats for Major League Baseball for umpteen decades.  Legend has it that “Bud” Hillerich made the first bat for Pete “The Gladiator” Browning of the Louisville Eclipse back in 1884 and has made over 100 million bats since.  And, if you came for the bats, you might as well see them in use down at the other end of Main Street at Slugger Field, home of the Louisville Bats, Triple-A farm team of the Cincinnati Reds.
  • Arts – there is a plethora of artistic endeavor in this city and where to start is nearly as mind-numbing as the restaurant options.  From the Louisville Ballet to the Louisville Orchestra, from Actor’s Theatre to Kentucky Opera…and that’s just the major players.  On any given weekend (and most weekdays) you can find an arts organization to fit any desire on any stage.  And, while I’m plugging things, I might as well mention my friends with Le Petomane Theatre Ensemble.
  • Horses – no trip to Louisville would be complete without a trip to the jewel of the horse racing industry, Churchill Downs.  To see it in in it’s regal glory, check it out on locals day, the Kentucky Oaks, the First Friday in May.  The Derby is for the celebrity muckity mucks, but the Oaks is all the pageantry that this city can muster for the local citizenry.  But, if you’d rather take the low key approach, taken in a few races on a spring afternoon and just enjoy the scenery.
  • Radio – we have the best public radio stations in the nation.  That’s right, stations, plural.  There are three at Louisville Public Media.  Of particular note is WFPK, 91.9, which is radio at its finest.  WFPL, 89.3, is the best place to get the news, and when you need to zone out to classical, check out WUOL, 90.5.

And, honestly, that’s just the visitor’s bureau overview.  I’m going to think about the nuggets of this city that are only available to people who have spent, say, 35 years year at least.  And, when I come across things that you can’t live without, you’ll see them here.

See you in the funny papers!

3 thoughts on “Plausibility City

  1. I will say that i do love the restaurants. Ramsi’s and Sapporo being my favorites.

    I think your description of the high school thing is spot on and completely gets to the root of my problem with L’ville.

    The Slugger museum, The Palace, The Seelbach and The Brown Theatre are some of my other favorites.

  2. Oooh, if you like Sapporo, I recommend Maido on Frankfort Avenue. Also, there’s an all-you-can-eat sushi place called Ichiban out in the East End somewhere. That is awesome. As for the high school thing…yeah, it sucks. But C. and I are working on (well, talking about) an app that lets you answer questions based on your life and places you in an appropriate Louisville high school based on those answers…for people who didn’t grow up here. The Seelbach is where we went for our wedding night…great place.

    1. I think that app sounds hilarious. I have no idea which high school I’d be. Probably Sacred Heart or Assumption, but I’m not thrilled with that, either!

      See? That is an appropriate use of the Seelbach. I hate telling people that the only time I’ve stayed there was for a bachelorette party. It sounds so undignified and tacky! We got a good deal, though!

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