The nick of time

Almost blew it in the first week.  That would’ve been embarrassing.  I really need to go to sleep, so this will be a short post, but I do have a few things to tell you.

I attended my first Diwali party this evening.  Diwali (which is actually a contraction of Deepavali, meaning row of lamps) is the Hindu festival of lights.  The food was magnificent and the company and conversation was entertaining throughout the evening.  Indian food is starting to become my favorite cuisine, I think mostly because of all the incredible flavors.

If you haven’t already done so, go ahead and move your clock back an hour.  It’s that time of year again and I’m looking forward to my extra hour, which I know doesn’t theoretically exist since I gave it up in the spring.  But, given all the reading I’ve been doing about space-time for grad school, I’m pretty sure I could make the argument that this extra hour is not only there, but is necessary for the existence of most things.  I’m certain that it’s necessary for my existence at least through the end of the winter.

Speaking of winter, it’s gotten pretty darn cold here in the Ohio Valley, and I don’t know that I’m all that pleased about it.  It’s not horrific just yet, but I noticed a chill today that was not there earlier this week and while I have jackets, I’d rather not use them at least for another month or so.  But, I don’t think I’m going to get that option.

Finally…I got a haircut.  Finally.  It had been too long and it was driving me nuts.  Nuttier than I usually am.  I really can’t stand it when my hair gets too long.  But, I was able to swing up to the Derby City Chop Shop and get a revitalizing trim and it has helped my mood immensely.  So happy haircut to me, and Happy Diwali to all my Hindu friends, and happy weekend to everyone else.

See you in the funny papers!

4 thoughts on “The nick of time

  1. Diwali always reminds me of the episode of The Office where everyone attends Kelly Kapur’s Diwali celebration. Of course, hilarity ensues.

    This is sad that my sole knowledge comes from TV, but so it goes, here in small-town Bible Belt country.

  2. Hey, thanks for the confirmation. I was wondering why our neighbors had Christmas lights out already. John told me about this but I thought he was making it up.

  3. Lydia, Diwali isn’t really a huge event in this part of the country, at least among people I know, so little knowledge is fairly excusable. Did you see the Outsourced take on Diwali…that was pretty neat.

    Angie…John probably was making it up, but you never can tell. And, maybe it really was the Christmas lights. Are they still up?

    1. I haven’t watched any episodes of Outsourced. I’ve heard conflicting reports on the show, in general. If it weren’t for my love of sports and the husband’s love of nature documentaries, we’d totally get rid of our TV.

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