Okay, you know that I love you, right?  If you didn’t, you will now.  I was literally asleep just now and my wife came in the room to look for something and when Oliver, the cat, left the bed to follow her, I woke up.  My first thought was, “Dammit, I forgot to post something on my blog.”  Now, any normal person would’ve chalked up another broken NaBloPoMo and said “Wait ’til next year!”  But, you…you, my adoring public…I knew that you’d be beside yourself with grief and heartache at the thought of me not achieving the goal this year.  So, I got up, went downstairs, retrieved my trusty laptop and I now write to you from the warmth beneath the duvet once more.  Even Oliver has returned to add his blessing to this evening’s missive.

Today was the celebration of All Saints’ Day at church.  It’s a time when we not only recognize new life in the church, in the form of baptism and new members, but the remembrance of new life in the hereafter, by acknowledging those who’ve gone before us during the past year.  I rather enjoy this particular service because it envelops life in such an interesting way; sort of an arc of being from the beginning to end of the service.

However, it’s late, and as I stated before, I’ve already gone to bed twice now, so I’ll leave you with this prayer:

Maker of all,
find in us a spirit anew
Awakened by your grace
and sustained by your saints
May we be a light of peace
and comfort to those in need;
a shelter in the storms of
uncertainty that flood the world
Show us the path that leads to
love and joy as saints in this life
that we might find it beyond.
Alleluia, Amen.

See you in the funny papers!

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