The second in a series, Carrie wants to know what I look forward to sharing with my daughter.  The cool part about this question is that I’ve already shared so much with her.  Mostly just little things, but still outstanding sharing moments that are incredible.  In particular, these few stand out:

My girl, IvyCat, can walk on her own now, but she holds my hand when we walk.  And, even now, I look down at her while she walking next to me and it’s just walking, but I love watching her walk.  She picks her feet up and slaps them down like she’s wearing clown shoes.  And, she watches her own feet.  And, it’s a slow walk, but it’s a fun walk.

Something I also enjoy is chasing her around the house.  She giggles when I chase her and when she runs, she sticks her arms out slightly behind her.  She kind of looks like she’s trying to downhill slalom, but she’s giggling and stomp-running.  It’s absolutely the most fun.  Plus, I could outrun her in a couple of steps, but I shuffle-stomp behind her while I’m chasing her and she giggles even more.  She also enjoys being caught so I can tickle her ribs.  Definite fun dad stuff.

But, I suppose the question was what do I look forward to sharing with her.  I look forward to sharing the Star Wars films in 3-D in theaters starting in 2012.  I look forward to teaching her how to keep score at a baseball game.  I look forward to helping her learn how to ride a bike, or a skateboard, whichever she prefers.  Honestly, though, I try not to think about it too much because already, even at 18 months, I feel like her life is moving too fast.  People said it would, but I turned around and she was sitting up on her own, then the next day she was walking, and now she knows all her farm animal sounds.  It’s hard not to wish her everything all at once, but I still want her to be my little girl who likes to sit in the dirt and is amazed at rocks and acorns.  She’s just so tiny and amazing, that even the frustrating stuff is kind of cool (usually in retrospect!) and I don’t really want any of it to end.

So, I suppose the answer is that I’m looking forward to doing everything with her and I really want to enjoy every aspect of it.  I also want her to experience things that I can’t teach her.  I want her to learn to throw a pot from her Uncle J.  I’d love for her GrandTom to teach her to play guitar or for Grandpa to help her build a dollhouse.  And, these are just a few of the things that I hope she has an interest in…but mostly, I just want her to be happy.  I want her to enjoy everything and do the things she wants to do.  If that happens, then I’ve succeeded.  It doesn’t really matter what I want.

See you in the funny papers!

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