Everybody’s working for the…

The cold is coming.  The weekend is upon us.  Thanksgiving lurks behind the turning of the leaves.  And Christmas…Christmas is bearing down on you like a train in a Denzel Washington film.  Stress?! What stress?

The truth is, I feel better about the state of things today than I did earlier in the week.  I’m not sure if I’ve managed to just push past it, or if I’ve simply ignored it until I’m no longer thinking about it.  Nothing has really changed, but I believe I’ve made peace with the mountain of things I need to do.  Check with me in about a week to see if that’s still the case.

This is one of those days where I’m not feeling much into blogging, so I’m pretty much phoning it in.  This is what a phoned-in blog post looks like.  So, to keep in line with that course, here’s some:


  • Ginkgo trees have the best colored foliage in the fall.  Plus, their leaves are really cool.
  • I think the shirt I’m wearing today is too small, which is sad because it’s new and I rather like it.
  • I have a burning desire to go camping, yea though I have no equipment to do so.
  • Are you so excited for the new Harry Potter film?  And doesn’t Emma Watson look fabulous with her new pixie cut?
  • The sports page has been of little interest lately without baseball.  I’m not a huge football fan, and basketball season doesn’t really ratchet up until late January.
  • Speaking of sports, I’ve become even more interested in soccer lately, and what with NESV buying Liverpool FC, I’m a very big fan of the Reds across the pond.
  • Finally…and so this will spark even more interest in this blog Aside: not that a little celebrity name-dropping from time to time doesn’t answer me these questions three:
    • What was your favorite Christmas gift?
    • What would you like to receive most this year?
    • Have you ever re-gifted?

See you in the funny papers!

4 thoughts on “Everybody’s working for the…

  1. Be careful with ginkos! One sex of the species is super stinky! Guess which one my highly esteemed alma mater planted? No, botany wasn’t a major, there.

    I love camping. I’m asking for some more gear for Christmas. I think gear collecting is at critical sickness levels.

    We have been rewatching all the HP movies. I’m trying to convince The Husband to go on opening night.

    I’m in heaven now that basketball is back, despite the NCAA trying to rain on my parade.

  2. Well, we don’t have any room in our yard for more trees. But, if we ever move, I’ll hopefully avoid the stinky variety. And, I was going to ask for camping equipment for Christmas, but, honestly, I have no idea when I would go.

    C. and I have tickets for HP,TDH on Friday night. Can. Not. Wait.

    As for basketball, I’ll watch if it’s on, but I’m not desperate for it. As for Enes Kanter (which I believe is what you’re referring to), he did get paid to play basketball for a Turkish team which I believe violates the rules. The NCAA is draconian and moronic all at once, but I think they’re probably right on this one.

    1. Take IvyCat camping! I’ve been trying to persuade my sister to take my nephews because I just think they’d LOVE it. Now that they’re both out of diapers, I think it wouldn’t be too difficult.

      I agree that the NCAA is just all types of messed up. I think in the Kanter situation, they should take into consideration the idea that this kid is pursuing amateurism. Playing for the team in Turkey was his only way to pursue amateurism short of quitting basketball. I think it’s weird that they allow professional athletes to still maintain eligibility in other sports.

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