This is the song that never ends.

As previously discussed, I am practically a professional procrastinator, with a penchant for alliteration apparently.  The weird part is my subconscious reminds of this blog at the oddest moments.  Today was as I struggled to finish a chapter in the book I’m currently reading before drifting off to much needed sleep.  I’m reading A New Literary History of America which is a fascinating book that allows modern contemporary writers to basically report history that we already know.  The different styles are intoxicating and it is usually a walk into a world previously dry and bland with each new essay.  I’m only now up to just before the American Revolution and almost all of the stories have been engaging.

That said, this blog is beginning to be like work instead of enjoyment.  I’ve never, at least not that I remember, had this much trouble with NaBloPoMo before.  I’ve enjoyed it in previous years, but this year it seems to be wearing me down.  To be honest, if I did forget, I don’t know that I’d be all that upset about it.  It would almost be freeing.  Still, there is something about completing it that appeals to me.

This weekend went entirely too quickly and while I did spend the majority of it doing exactly what I wanted to do, it’s still sad to see it end.  Anyway, it does end, basically, in about an hour and a new week with a new set of challenges awaits.  Today, I rejoice in the joys of friendship, family, and good health.  Tomorrow, I rejoice in the new, unknown, and exciting.  Tomorrow also marks the halfway point of this particular exercise.  And, the statistics are really bearing it out…you’re coming out in droves to read the drivel. Aside: there’s that alliteration again! Have a great week and be a part of something wonderful!

See you in the funny papers!

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