Home again, home again

I’d like to congratulate the Louisville Cardinals on their win over Butler this evening.  A win over a ranked opponent in a brand new arena is a nice way to open the season.  Speaking of the brand new arena, named the KFC Yum! Center, from my seat which is not in the arena, rather it is about 25 feet from my fridge, it looks about the same as the old arena.  I mean, the colors haven’t changed, the court is still Denny Crum Court, the student section is still relegated to behind the basket, and there were some empty courtside seats at the end of the game.  All of this is to say that it’s preposterous what the university is asking for people to pay for seats at this arena and it’s insane that a school cannot offer students a chance to be a better part of the action.  Want to know why Duke wins so many games?  Well, part of it is recruiting and a great coach.  The other part, and I’m certain of this, is that the Cameron Crazies are practically in your face all game long.  1200 screaming college kids in a university-color-coordinated mosh pit.  UofL has old people who’ve been sitting in the same damn seat since Peck Hickman coached the Cards.  Now, I hate Duke as much as the next guy…okay, not as much as Kentucky fans, but I appreciate the fierce vitriol that is associated with the mere mention of Christian Laettner…but that’s how you add value to your team without sacrificing much.

Honestly, I didn’t intend to post about basketball tonight, but I guess I got a little wound up.  Again, it was good to see the Cards win, particularly in their new home, regardless of its catering to the elite.  I mean, really, did we need a bourbon bar or vodka bar in the new arena?  Most of the people I know that go to basketball games to see basketball are beer drinkers…and cheap beer at that.  Okay, I’m done because I’m starting to sound like Andy Rooney.

See you in the funny papers!

3 thoughts on “Home again, home again

  1. I totally agree about the atmosphere. It pisses me off when I think how much more awesome ganes at Rupp woukd be without the old blue hairs down front. However, without the rich old folks, we might not be able to afford our coach.

    Can we dub the new arena The Chicken Bucket? I haven’t been, yet, but iI think my company sponsors one of the bars.

  2. I agree…the blue hairs do contribute quite a bit of money, and I’m not suggesting the be booted out of their seats completely. But, there should be some credence given to students being a major part of home floor advantage and they should have a better section near the floor in my opinion.

    As for the new arena…there was talk of calling it the Bucket which absolutely horrified Yum! apparently. I think they’re referring to it as the Microwave (because of its shape) these days. I think it looks a little bit like an all-in-one copier from the outside. They’re calling the football stadium “The Oven” so, I don’t see why “The Bucket” would be any worse.

  3. “The Oven” because that’s where the birds get cooked? Ha!

    Normally, blue hair would be a good thing in Rupp, but it’s just not in this case. They created the eRUPPtion zone, but it kind of sucks unless you see it on TV. In person, it’s a small area of a large arena and there just isn’t the effect when the students are on the baseline rather than at mid-court.

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