Several things to update you on, I think.

First of all, Harry Potter 7.1 is fantastic.  It’s just the right amount of terror and heroism and sex.  What?! SEX?!  Wait a minute…isn’t this a kids film?  Yeah, um, right!  They were kids ten years ago, now they’re full on adults and while it’s a far cry from what you might call actual sex, there is a scene.  I’m not gonna spoil it for you, but it will suffice to say that there’s a little more adult atmosphere to this film.  But, honestly, that’s like just a few seconds…the rest of the film is just brilliant with amazing performances from the entire cast.  Of particular note is Helena Bonham Carter who plays Bellatrix Lestrange and should get an Oscar for playing absolutely bonkers.  I mean, if ever there was a lady in serious need of attention, help, psychiatric evaluation…it’s Bellatrix.  So, I’m recommending you see it.  I’m definitely recommending you see it before the summer when Harry Potter 7.2 comes out and then it’s all over.

Secondly, I was able to take my daughter to hear Voces Novae, a choir I was formerly a part of, the choir where C. and I met, rehearse today.  Ivy didn’t seem terribly intent on listening.  She did stop coloring and reading a couple of times when the choral ranks swelled with joyous song, but for the most part she seemed fairly oblivious.  I, however, did enjoy it very much.  I miss the choir and I know they miss me and C. as well.  I just thought my daughter should hear an amazing choir and for a few moments today she did.

The UofL football team lost today, but not by a lot.  I’m impressed with Coach Charlie Strong and I look forward to his teams playing in the future.  The Cards are 5-6 this season with a chance to go .500 with a win against Rutgers in their final game.  They’ve looked pretty good all season long and I think they’re back on track on the gridiron.  The UofL basketball team looks to continue its winning ways against Jackson State tonight.  I hope they can continue to do well in the new arena.

Finally, there is nothing sweeter in this whole wide world than having your child snuggle against your shoulder, fast asleep, as you carry them into the house.  There is a peace and a security that transcends knowledge in the complete collapse of a child against your body.  I love my little girl and I think she likes me a little too.

See you in the funny papers!

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