Blue moon

I’ve been hearing the phrase “once in a blue moon” for most of my life.  I live in a state where folkloric wisdom is placed next to the Bible in terms of quotable valid information.  Some of the gems that I’ve been privy to are “takes to it like a pig takes to slop” and “not enough room to cuss a cat in.”  So, naturally, learning what a blue moon is helps you understand the phrase.  Up until today, I thought I knew that a blue moon was the second full moon of the month.  And, I’d be willing to bet that you thought the very same thing.  Turns out we’re all going on poor information.  And, it’s not really our fault, but now we have new information, that is actually older information than that which we’ve been believing for years.  Check out this article from by Joe Rao and learn what there really is to know about blue moons.

See you in the funny papers!

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