News roundup

As I sit here pondering this blog post, I realize that I don’t have much to say.  I also realize that whatever I write at this moment will be lackluster and mostly filler.  Then I realized, hey, that’s exactly what most of the national news is…filler.  Still, here’s the latest on what’s hit the wire lately.

TSA pat-downs: The reason there are pat-downs is because people refuse the body scan.  The reason there are body scans is because people continue to try and blow up planes.  The reason people continue to try and blow up planes is because…well, I don’t know, because they’re crazy maybe?!  The reason people are crazy is because they see a disparity between how they live and how Americans live, I guess.  Anyway, it seems that Pistole (what a name for the head of TSA) is determined that this is how things are gonna be.  And, let me just say this…can’t blame this one on President Obama.  This TSA bullshit is courtesy of the last guy.  So, all of you who were so excited about what a great job Dubya did after 9/11…please step through the metal detector and hope for the best.

Mining disasters:  Is it just me or do there seem to be a lot more mining disasters these days?  Or are they just getting more attention?  I’m guessing at this point that it’s somewhat like shark attacks.  Still, it does seem like that mines could be a lot safer.  It is an inherently dangerous job, but there are ways to be safe.  And, unfortunately, Kentucky seems to have a poor track record in that department.  Of course, they’ve solved some of this by not sending people down in the mountain.  They just blow the mountain apart using the equivalent of atomic bombs to get the coal.  And then they dump the rubble and other “overburden” into streams, killing wildlife and poisoning groundwater.  But, y’know, whatever helps the bottom line.

North Korea: Well, well, well…seems ol’ Kim Jong-Il has managed to build a mighty fine centrifuge facility amid multiple sanctions from all over the globe.  And, yet, the people in his country are starving.  Still, the point is, here’s a country with ACTUAL weapons of mass destruction capability and we continue to fight a war in a country where we also, apparently, hand big bags of cash, cartoon-style, to the president. Hmm…I’d say we have our priorities a bit out of whack.  Of course, this is not surprising when we’ve elected congressional leaders who get their energy policy directly from the book of Genesis.  I will say this for what I’m certain will not be the last time…CLIMATE CHANGE IS REAL!  And, even if it’s not caused by humans, what is the downside to playing it safe?

See you in the funny papers!


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