As the sun sets…well, actually, I guess at this hour that’s not apropos, but it’s so much more poetic that way, so, ahem…as the sun sets on another birthday, I am humbled in many ways.  First, I am humbled by the outpouring of love by so many friends.  The sheer number of well-wishers on Facebook, not to mention in person, is beyond imagination.  As well, I was entertained by the many facets of my life that brought these friends to me.  From summer camp to neighborhoods, from schools to jobs, from people who have been friends for so long I’ve forgotten how we even met (you know who you are!), so many people have wished me a wonderful birthday and I appreciate you all very much.

Secondly, I am humbled by the number of things that, even at the tender age of 36, I do not yet know.  Among them are: how to gracefully hold my temper, tie a decent knot, exhibit the qualities I enjoy in other people, be truly thankful, and know when a joke is played out.  You would think that after three and a half decades that you’d be able to rejoice in a mindset that you had learned what you needed to know to be a success in life.  But, while I hardly consider myself a failure (though, I do admit at times to thinking that), and, yea though I profess to know a great many things, there are still so many things in this life that I have yet to learn and I think birthdays are good for reminding yourself of that.

Finally, I am humbled by my daughter, who is an ever present reminder that there is good in the world and it comes at the smallest cost imaginable.  She is, even at her crankiest, my greatest accomplishment.  And, yet, I feel as if I’ve done absolutely nothing whatsoever to deserve her.  Her smile, her sleep, her great “meow” as the cats pass by, her look of wonder through the window as we drive down the street, each moment is a confirmation that I’m part of something amazing.  And that is truly humbling.

It has been a good year.  It seems as if they all blend together now and then, but when you’ve had this many, that’s easy to understand.  I hope the next year and the next 36 are just as good.  Thanks to everyone for being along for the ride.

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