Rabbit Hole

Just recently, I fell down a rabbit hole.  Not literally, mind you, but that’s the way it is with the InterTubes.   I was just wandering around and suddenly I was falling…falling through the ether of Tumblr.

Yes.  Another time-waster with missing vowels.  At first, I thought to myself, do I really need this?  Is this going to improve my life?  What about all the other things I already have that I don’t update all that often (hint, wink, nudge…this blog…say no more!)?  But, like unto the call of the Sirens, I could not restrain myself and I was hooked.

Latent Happiness

I will say this, it feels a tiny bit like cheating on this blog, but I’m hoping to use it primarily as a space for those things that just pop into my head and don’t warrant an entire blog post.  And, per usual, it may be updated about as often as this particular traveshamockery of a blog.  But, it’s there nonetheless.  See to it as you will.

See you in the funny papers!

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