Armchair Warriors

Occasionally, I read the news. Online.  In my house, newspaper is just a recycling bin filler and news on television is a rehashing of celebrity doings and random violent acts.  So, in order to catch up on what’s going on in the world, I check out a wide variety of news sources online.  I look at CNN, BBC, AP, and a host of other alphabet newsmongers.

More importantly, I occasionally deign to read the comments which are alternately frustrating, comical, possibly illegal, vengeful, moronic, poorly spelled, grammatically terrifying, and blatantly ignorant.  The most interesting part of these comments is that, sometimes, they don’t even refer to the story that is being commented upon.  It’s as if someone came up to you at a party while you were having a conversation about solar energy and started telling you about how stock prices are fixed by aliens and wearing red underpants depletes the American economy.  Totally bizarre and unrelated.  It’s hard to get an understanding of this without an example.


A story regarding the impending doom of not increasing the debit limit, congresspersons working through THE national holiday to get something done, etc.

Comment:   Obama is on vacation so much that when he takes a trip it means he’s going to DC
Most of the time this guy is in Europe, on the golf course, at a fundraiser or asleep.  America deserves a better president!

This comment has nothing to do with the story.  Not to mention it is factually incorrect.  It is, however, an actual sentence free from crazy misspellings and the word “socialism.”  I’d love to meet some of these people.  I can only assume that they get their misinformation from poor (or zero) education and are incapable of comprehending a story.  These, the armchair warriors of the world, are the voting public.  They are the ones who actually vote.  They are some of the 63% of registered citizens in this country who vote.

Sure, some of them are crackpots who are simply trolling the InterTubes for no real reason other than to argue with people.  But some of them are genuine lunatics who believe everything they hear inside their head.  How do you combat this problem?  How do you explain to people who are incapable of comprehending?  Are we doomed to a strange future where people make up fact and meaning in their own brains and use that as the ultimate in binding truth?  Are we already in that future?  Does it matter?  And, would someone please explain to them the difference between socialism, fascism, and communism, and how none of those things is occurring in the United States at the moment?

See you in the funny papers!


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