I suppose I need to share some thoughts with you, which is why this blog is here.  But, the minute I opened up the “add new post” page, my mind just shut down.  It’s as if it doesn’t want me to open up my life.  So, now you’re subjected to this stalling monologue explaining exactly nothing while I attempt to reboot the old grey matter.

I did open up a blog prompt site and try to speed up the process.  But, all of those prompts seemed to be corny and not worth my time.  The only one of note was “Name three songs you could be convinced to sing at a karaoke bar.”  This is the depth to which I have sunk.  I hate karaoke.  Why?!  Because I can sing…and most people who can’t sing love karaoke.  This, in turn, causes those of us who are capable singers to have blistering nightmares about songs we used to like that have now been ruined for all time because some tone deaf drunk has warbled it to death.  Don’t get me wrong, I understand the appeal.  You get to stand in front of people you admire and pretend to be a rock star.  This does not make you a rock star.  It makes the people you’re in front of embarrassed for you.  If you want to sing loudly, do it in the car with the windows rolled up like the rest of the country.

Still, to answer the question, if for some godforsaken reason I was in a karaoke bar, which I can only assume was the losing end of a bet, I could reasonably be expected to sing the following 3 songs:

That’s it.  Those are my three…take ’em or leave ’em.  However, don’t expect to see me on stage any time soon.
See you in the funny papers!

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