For my mother

ImageThis is a difficult post to write simply because my mother defines motherhood in ways that most mothers could never hope to achieve. And, to put this near perfection into words is very nearly impossible, though I’m certain she would disagree with my assessment, which would only go to prove my point. Her humility, her grace, her humor, and her ability to aggravate with aplomb are just a few of her great qualities.

My mom was a miracle worker. She made a home for my father, my sister, and me. She was an example to us, to our friends, and to our community on any number of occasions and she continues that example today. Her ability to create a meal every day and have it on the table the moment my father arrived home from work while taking care of two kids still astonishes me as I struggle to microwave Indian food from Trader Joe’s for my own two monsters. She made Halloween costumes, she dressed us in wonderful clothes for church. She made Christmas treats for our teachers and saw to it that my sister and I had what we needed AND understood the difference between needed and wanted!

She struck fear in our hearts when necessary, but was never unkind. She did the same to our friends, and we respected that. She knows how to aggravate us to this day, even though we know that’s what she is doing. She’s an incredible “button-pusher” and takes as good as she gives. My mother also has never turned down an opportunity to help us generously with time, money, or just a listening ear.

She is quite simply an iconic ideal of motherhood. And, though she may not agree, or may simply be too humble to acknowledge it, my mom is the best. I love you mom and I hope that this post goes just a little of the distance necessary to show you how much.

See you in the funny papers!*

*That tag line is something my mom gave me. She said it all the time when we were growing up.

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