Thanksgiving, or Giving Thanks

I often forget that there is so much in my life to be thankful for and it leads me to be cynical. However, the cynicism is typically humorous, so it’s not a terrible trade off.

Still, it does behoove me, at times, to remember those things that I have that others do not.

  • A warm home, with all the trappings of a middle-class lifestyle.
  • A healthy, happy family.
  • Two healthy parents who continually provide love, support (both emotional and economic), and a guidepost for how to be married.
  • A paying job that is not drudgery or life-threatening on a daily basis.
  • A church that affords me the opportunity to question, to search, to live fully my faith journey.
  • Friends who are there for a beer, or as the sounding board for my cynicism, or for both.
  • The ability to read, and the opportunity of books and Twitter.
  • Many other things that either fall into the categories above, or simply escape my mind at this ridiculous hour on a holiday.

…and now, part of that healthy family is unhappy, so I must go and get him out of bed.

Happy Thanksgiving and See you in the funny papers!

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