40 is the new…40.

There is a stigma to turning 40. Regardless of what age you are, you have an opinion on the turning of 40. Younger people look at it as the “over-the-hill” moment. Older people generally go into detail about how much worse their current age is, and why 40 was not really that big of a deal. Tomorrow I turn 40, and I’ll be honest, I don’t really have an opinion. For me, there’s no real wow factor and I don’t dread it, so 40 seems to be a fairly big non-event. It almost makes me wonder why 40 is so revered or feared. At what point did 40 become the age of conflict and confusion?

Still, having been lucky enough to have achieved this age, I feel compelled somewhat to offer my own two cents on this latest spin around the sun. Personally, I think 40 has brought a sort of zen to my life. I’m fully aware of my own strengths and my own failings and I am cognizant of the fact that I’m not aware of what other people are experiencing in their daily lives. I cherish experiences more than materials. I gather memories more than collect items. I use my old eyes to try and see new things.

Sure, there’s a little more gray in the beard (makes me look more distinguished, in my opinion), and a few wrinkles have begun etching their existence on my face. But, for reaching middle-age (life expectancy in this country for males is 77.11 years), I feel pretty good. So, all in all, 40 doesn’t look so bad. I can only hope that the next 40 are just as varied as these have been.

See you in the funny papers!