Zweet Zurzday

No, I can still spell…it’s the title of a movement from Ellington’s SuiteThursday.  I thought it a fitting title for today since the boss is out of town and I’m technically done with work for the day.  Yesterday was a crappy day after lunch, so today has to be better.

It’s already starting out that way.  I got a fairly decent grade on my Climatology midterm.  It wasn’t one you hang on the fridge, but I think it’s pretty much what I expected.

There’s not a lot to talk about, so I think I’ll just give you the basic rundown:

  •  UofL baseball game yesterday…freezing in the 9-17 mph winds.  I stayed for 2 innings.  They won.
  • Spring Break next week…no classes.  Thank heavens for small miracles.
  • Louisville Ballet Choreographer’s Showcase is tomorrow and Saturday.  I’ll be attending one of those nights.
  • Le Petomane presents Moliere’s Don Juan.  March 15-17, March 22-24, March 29-31.  Seriously, you need to attend this show because Le Petomane is the funniest theatre troupe in town.  This one promises to be no exception.  Milk out the nose, like a clown, funny!  I’m serious.  Call me, I’ll go with you.
  • Events, Concerts, Movies pages and Photos…all updated recently, check it out.
  • I own an Easy Button…it does not work as advertised, but it’s still fun to have around.

That about does it.  Feel free to drop me a line sometime.

See you in the funny papers!

Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer the Tamiflu

Warning of psychiatric problems with Tamiflu

The above story deals with the current issue of Tamiflu possibly causing delirium and hallucinations, mostly among children. The fascinating part of this story is that in response to these allegations, the FDA has added a LABEL to the package to warn about the “potential risk.” A label, eh? Well, that worked so well for cigarettes, didn’t it?

So now we have suicidal teens hopped up on Tamiflu which is apparently our only defense against a possible mutation of the bird flu. At this point, we’re stockpiling the stuff in the hopes that it will end a pandemic virus. But soon, it will be like all the other ‘WMDs’ Aside: Weapons of Medicinal Destruction at the pharmacy and you’ll need an armed guard to get flu medication. As for me, I’d just as soon take my chances with the flu. I’d much prefer to be bedridden and unable to breathe than tripping on Tamiflu and enjoying the dulcet tones of the Grateful Dead.

Oh, but there is that label…that should be a deterrent.

See you in the funny papers!