Well, there’s always the band…

Yeah, the beloved hometown Louisville Cardinals stunk up the city this afternoon with their terrible impersonation of a football team.  They did happen to score two points and avoid a shutout for the first time in eight years.  However, those two points came at the expense of a poor decision by an inexperienced quarterback making his first college start.  Basically, it was an accident.

UofL Marching Band
UofL Marching Band
  • Did I watch this inept episode of collegiate action? Yes.
  • Did I turn it off when it was still 13-2? Yes.
  • Am I still angry that traffic after this ridiculous debacle made me a virtual prisoner in my own neighborhood? Yes.
  • Do I think the university bears some of the responsibility for that, in addition to the city? Yes.

Four yesses!  That’s a very positive outcome for such an insane situation.

But…how about the band?

See you in the funny papers!

NaBloPoMo – Post 9

Okay, just a few things today, because I’ve got work to do and I can’t be providing entertainment for the masses at the expense of paying the bills.

  1. Brian Poulin, 35, of Hebron, Connecticut, was arrested Sunday for calling 911 multiple times. Apparently, he called complaining that he had run out of beer and requested that the dispatcher have some sent over STAT. According to NBC, he was taken to a hospital but police did not say what was wrong with him. (from Boing Boing)
  2. Yes, Extreme Home Makeover is in my hometown (actually, just down the street working on the band practice field) and no, I cannot get you face time with Ty, Paul, Paige, Ed, or anyone else, because I haven’t even been down there to see what’s going on.  Besides, if I could I’d invite all of them over for dinner tonight…that would be fun.
  3. 55Fiction for today: She floated gracefully across the stage, her ballet shoes skipping deftly through the footlights.  Spinning silently as the audience applauded her lithe form and passion for her art, she breathed deeply preparing for the leap.  A jump into the darkness and she woke suddenly in a sweat scratching painfully at the cast surrounding her ankle.

See you in the funny papers!