Prelude to the end

As I listen to the spin and the presumptions about who wins and who doesn’t on this debate, I feel compelled to add my own two cents. And, I’ll do my best to limit it to a mere two cents and not the whole wooden nickel.

In my view, Senator McCain looked whiny and desperate in this debate. For the first couple of questions, much like his running mate, he preferred to answer the questions that he wanted asked, not the questions that were actually posed. Senator Obama, on the other hand, proved capable and even-handed as he answered the questions that were asked. McCain did seem to find his stride at some point and was able to provide some coherent answers, but never really seemed to find my trust. Not to mention his continued references to Joe, the plumber from Ohio, which seemed trite and condescending. Senator Obama managed to address the American people in a controlled manner which made him seem professional and not petty. I also thought Obama did an excellent job responding to the inquiries about his relations with Ayers and ACORN which have absolutely nothing to do with the economy, healthcare, or any of the myriad issues that are affecting people like myself…or even Joe, the plumber.

If I had to pick a winner, naturally, I’d have to go with Barack Obama, and I would hope that this is based on a true understanding of who would make the best president and not my own selfish desires. Senator Obama, I believe, represents the hearts and minds of the American people and is capable of bringing about real change in this country. John McCain seems to be the sort of person who says all the right things, but would just as soon stab you in the back if he thought he could profit from it. McCain seems like the Judas Iscariot of this presidential campaign. Aside: And, NO, that is in NO WAY an analogy of Obama as Christ before all you right-wing nuts start digging in for that battle.

Also, I think Senator Obama made another excellent point, one that I think bears examining in greater depth. No one is pro-abortion, there is pro-life and pro-choice. Pro-life means that you think that people should not have the option of choosing to have an abortion. Pro-choice means that you think that people should have that option. Neither of these stances on this extremely politically-charged debate have anything to do with being for abortions.

There were several excellent issues in this debate and I hope that the undecided voters Aside: because that’s who’s really deciding this election now watched intently and are making wise and intelligent decisions based on what they saw and heard this evening. I also hope that voters who had their minds made up were able to listen closely to both candidates and make certain that what they feel in their hearts is really what they want for their country.

Finally, I know we’re all ready for this election to end…some more than others, if for no other reason so that I can go back to writing about exercise and other nonsense. Just a few more weeks and, hopefully, we can all unite on a course that will lead this country back to greatness, regardless of which candidate wins.

See you in the funny papers!

Way to Normal

The title is a reference to Ben Folds’ new album, but this is a running update.  It just so happens that I’m in Illinois now on my way to Kansas.  I’ve reached the 150 mile mark in my Melisa Memorial 570, north of  Mill Shoals, IL.  Both my run and Ben Folds’ new album refer to places in Illinois.

Mill Shoals, Illinois was once the home of a thriving barrel-making industry which depleted nearby virgin forests and turned to agriculture until 1939 when oil was discovered.  By 1970, the oil was gone and Mill shoals returned to its agrarian roots.

So, Mill Shoals…not big on the sustainability of the environment.  Just use it up til it’s gone.  Must be Republicans.
My run yesterday went significantly well, although I had to run on the treadmill due to the pouring rain.  Still, I covered almost 3 miles in my 32:00 on the treadmill which is very, very promising.  I also lifted a few weights in the hopes of strengthening my legs.

In other news, I have not watched the debate yet.  I do have it on TiVo though…so, I will be watching it soon.  I was busy playing Mario Kart Wii with the Neighbors last night and was therefore preoccupied.  Also, I may not be posting as much next week as we will be in Philadelphia for the week.  But, you never know…so don’t just assume I won’t be saying anything.  You know, the Interwebs go to Philadelphia too…or so I’ve been told.

See you in the funny papers!

Debate about the debate

Let me say this: I expected Governor Palin to be a complete nitwit during this debate given what we’ve seen in the past week with her interviewing ability.  This statement is merely in the interest of disclosure.

I am of the opinion that this debate was not the lopsided affair that was expected by many.  However, I think that this is only true superficially. I believe that if we dig deep down past the obviously smoothly coached answers of both candidates, we’ll find that there was more substance in Senator Biden’s answers.  A lot will be made of Governor Palin’s down-home colloquialism and, here in Kentucky, we tend to buy into that as more honest, more forthright, more believable.  But, for my money and my vote it strayed toward corny.  If anything, she appeared to be less educated than Senator Biden when using her “doggones” and her folksy stories.

When I vote for a person to assist in leading the country, I want to feel that person has a grasp on what it takes to be a player on the global stage.  I think Governor Palin’s inexperience continues to show even in the face of her ability to answer questions regarding topics that everyone is talking about these days.  I give her credit certainly for making giant strides toward becoming more knowledgeable and capable of being that person at some point in the future, but I believe for now that Senator Biden is more professional and is a more rational choice for vice president.

Senator Biden, on a consistent basis, was able to answer the questions posed by the moderator.  More so, even, than the presidential counterparts were able to do last week.  And, not to use this as an rallying point, but his obvious compassion and understanding, evident when speaking about his family, was just the right amount of connection with the voters on Main Street.  His answers were more substantive, whereas Governor Palin’s regurgitated talking points showed very little understanding of the issues at hand.

It’s one thing to memorize the facts for the test, it’s completely another to understand the basic fundamentals in order to excel beyond the moment.  My thoughts and my vote remain unchanged aside from I don’t discount that Governor Palin can be molded into a politician, possibly worthy of her desired office.

See you in the funny papers!

True happiness

The early autumn cool chills the last of the summer wine as the leaves dress in their golden gowns for a long winter sleep.  The frost of morning glazes the grassy field as the snowbirds pack their songs for another trip south.  I pulled the extra blanket tighter down around my shoulders and breathed in the morning as the golden glint of sun burns colder through the trees.

I really, really love autumn.  I know it means the onset of winter, but in my mind, there’s nothing like crisp, cool mornings to really make your heart alive.  I wrote the above in my head this morning while waking up.  Plus, I have all sorts of things to be happy about this morning:

  • My beloved Red Sox slapped down the Angels (AGAIN) last night in their quest to repeat as the World Series champions.  Of course, it’s on the west coast and I didn’t get to sleep until 2, but hey…that’s why there’s coffee.
  • A situation at work regarding some missing passports miraculously cleared itself up yesterday and I can’t begin to explain how happy that makes me.
  • My running program has ramped up a little in this second month and I’m now doing 2:20 walk/1:00 run intervals.  The first one went really well.  I just have to focus on the program and not how much faster I really want to be running.  I’m still getting 2.5 miles in at a 30 minute clip, which is pretty quick for an old man.
  • Also, I’m looking to interview with a company here in town about some GIS possibilities.  Wish me luck on that, because I’d really like to find a job in my field.
  • And, finally, I’m psyched about my trip to Philadelphia.  In recent years I’ve become very interested in history and the founding fathers and what not, so this should really be perfect.  Also, we’re now booked to go to Arizona for Thanksgiving and I believe I’ll be able to summit Humphrey’s Peak while I’m there which will be a huge thrill.

Finally…I’m going to be attempting a lot more politics and baseball in this blog for this month.  I know…some of you are saying that other than running, that’s all I talk about.  But it’s important…for a lot of reasons.  I encourage you to watch the VP debate this evening and if you’re not registered to vote, you have until Monday I believe…so go register now!