Am I the Road Runner…or the Coyote?

To answer the question, I’m probably the Coyote…always hungry, much slower than the road runner, and always looking for the easy way out even if it’s more complicated.  But that’s not the point of this post.  All of this is simply to give you a running update…which I haven’t done since before Thanksgiving.  Ooops, sorry about that!  I can’t believe that it has been that long.


So, as you may be able to see from the picture Aside: and if you can’t, click on it to make it larger I’m mere miles from St. Louis.   Technically, I’m in Washington Park, Illinois which is a village in East St. Louis.  Wikipedia’s sole entry for it as a place was that it had a lot of strip clubs.  Wooo classy!  Anyway, at 257.5 miles, I’m almost halfway to my goal.  I think by the end of next week, if all goes well, I should be very close to halfway.  The new goal, if I haven’t mentioned it before, is to arrive on or around what would’ve been Melisa’s birthday, June 3.  

Also, I’m signed up for the Triple Crown of Running races in Louisville as well as the KDF mini-Marathon, so I should have no trouble getting mileage in…provided I don’t break something again.  But, the ankle feels good and the running program is actually ahead of schedule.  

Check out the movies and events page for updated works.

See you in the funny papers!

At Last!

Two days ago I turned in my final draft for my senior thesis. It felt really good to hand that off and I look forward to graduation on May 10. This will certainly open up a whole new chapter in my life and Stickley rockerI can now say, with some measure of certainty and relief, that I embrace this new chapter whole heartedly. I can also look forward to a relaxing summer in the comfort of my new rocking chair, a graduation gift from my parents.  It’s a gorgeous Stickley rocker, by the way, and the picture to the right is a good representation.

I think I’m finally starting to let it sink in as well.  I’m beginning to feel lighter as the graduation day approaches.  I’m trying my best not to sound like the “first person ever to have graduated from college”, but this has been such a monumental obstacle in my life.  It is a bit tantamount to my first half-marathon where I really didn’t think I would finish and many times I thought about just stopping, but I rounded the corner to the finish line and all those people were there cheering me on, even though they had no idea who I was and I sprinted (like I’d never run before) to the finish, nearly in tears.  And it was the absolute best feeling in the world.  Just now, I’m starting to feel that way about graduation.

Dare I even consider graduate school?  It’s a possibility, but not at the moment.  Let’s let this sink in and then we’ll talk.

See you in the funny papers!

A New Year, A New Me?

So, here we are…a brand new year, at least based on an arbitrary Gregorian classification, but hey, that was before my time. Therefore, we’ll go with the flow and bow to conformity for the purposes of this post.  And, as with all new beginnings, we come to the resolutions.  Those nitpicky little items that are supposed to focus our resolve and create a better person.  Without further ado, I give you the following:

  • I know that the death knell of all resolutions is the dreaded weight-loss resolution.  However, since I’m currently tipping the scales a Clydesdale-like 215, I’m aiming to lose 25 pounds this year.  This is a completely achievable goal and I think worthwhile as well.  In the process of achieving this goal, I’m hoping to eat many more vegetables than I’m used to eating.  
  • In addition to the well-known and loathed weight-loss resolution is the money-saving resolution.  Yet, I think an excellent goal for me would be to save $100 a month for home projects.  That would be a great total amount for the year to make significant improvements and would do wonders for the equity of the house.
  • Provided there are funds available, I want to run the Philadelphia Distance Run Half Marathon this September.  I still plan on running the Louisville Triple Crown and the Derby Festival mini-Marathon, but to run a different half-marathon in another city has been a wish of mine for the last year or so.  So this is sort of an iffy resolution, but it’s totally doable.
  • Finally, I resolve to finish my college degree this year.  This has been a resolution for a while now, but this year it is near fruition.  I have one semester left and I merely need to research and write my senior thesis.  It’s a tall order, but honestly, on this list, it’s the most realistic.  

That should begin the new year in a great new way.  Now, I just need to get started…tomorrow. *laughing*  Check out updates to the movies page and I’ll…See you in the funny papers! 

Random Thoughts…or Flotsam and Jetsam of the brain.

  • How about those Red Sox? How about that Curt Schilling? Brilliant through 5 1/3 and then the masterful duo of Okajima and Papelbon to sweep away the rusty Rockies. Okajima is just absolutely lights out and Papelbon…well, dare I say, best closer in baseball? Sorry Mariano, I think Pap’s got you beat on this one…plus, I believe he’s a better dancer.
  • I sprained a ligament in my foot during my race Sunday. It was a terrible race from about mile 9 on. I did not train well enough to compete at a level I was happy with. By mile 10, I was wiped out and couldn’t muster more than a quarter-mile of jogging. I finished 2 minutes behind the guy who won the marathon…and I was running half that far. Had I been a horse, they would’ve shot me.
  • The neighbors next door (Chi O girls) got their house trashed last night. There was toilet paper all over the steps and the front of the house and plastic utensils driven into every square inch of the front yard. On the one hand, it’s kind of funny. On the other hand, it brings our property value down. I’m caught on the line between youth and adult. The homeowner in me says though that if the smallest tine of plastic fork ends up in my yard, some fool is gonna get jacked, yo!
  • 55Fiction is my latest obsession, so here’s my latest installment:

    He scrambled everywhere attempting to find them.  He knew that he’d left them right here.  It wasn’t even that long ago that he had them in his possession.  He couldn’t blame the kids and he knew what his wife would say.  They were important.
    That crazy squirrel couldn’t figure out where he’d buried his nuts.

  • I have plenty of work to do on my thesis…plus, they keep giving us work to do for class.  I mean, how can I be working on my thesis, if I keep having to do homework?  Sheesh!

That’s about it really.  See you in the funny papers!

Organic…it’s good for you, it builds character.

How many of you at one time or another thought “Today’s the day I’m going to be healthier. I’m gonna start living right and eating right and exercising?” And how many of you found yourself on the couch a week later watching Letterman with a bag of Cheetos in one hand and your hundred dollar running shoes propped up on the coffee table? Hey, I’ve been there…some might even say I’m still there. I tried organic foods, but they were expensive and didn’t lend themselves easily to my budget. But now, there is assistance for those of you who are still eating Vienna Sausages from the can. My friend jujubee has joined forces with some other organically minded folks to create Organic Grocery Deals, a web forum where you can find all sorts of information on stores, merchandise, deals, recipes…the list goes on and on. This website, at first glance (since I just learned of it this morning), seems fairly comprehensive with the capability of becoming a massively informative site. I highly recommend it to all you couch potatoes, especially those of you who want to be, say, organic couch potatoes. It would also be helpful to those of you who are healthier than most. You might be able to stretch your organic dollar even further.

In other news:

  • Boston staves off elimination for another game behind the masterful performance of Josh Beckett, wunderkind of the postseason. It was a beautiful game, even with Manny slowly trotting to first on the world’s longest single. But honestly, if he did run, what would Tim McCarver have to wet his pants about. I hate Tim McCarver. Please FOX, partner Joe Buck with someone else…anyone else.
  • I’m running a half-marathon on Sunday morning. We’ll see how it goes. The weather promises to be very nice, cool and sunny. If you’re out and about early on Sunday, come on down to the river and cheer me on. Race starts at 8 a.m.
  • Today is 55Fiction day, so the latest installment of Jonas appears here:

The rain stained his black suit even darker than the clouds above.  Jonas stared intently ahead, his total focus was on the image before him.  A ghostly reflection of the rain warped face on the deeply polished walnut surface.  With a jolt, Lily was slowly lowered into the ground and Jonas blew her a kiss.

That’s all for today.  See you in the funny papers!