Am I the Road Runner…or the Coyote?

To answer the question, I’m probably the Coyote…always hungry, much slower than the road runner, and always looking for the easy way out even if it’s more complicated.  But that’s not the point of this post.  All of this is simply to give you a running update…which I haven’t done since before Thanksgiving.  Ooops, sorry about that!  I can’t believe that it has been that long.


So, as you may be able to see from the picture Aside: and if you can’t, click on it to make it larger I’m mere miles from St. Louis.   Technically, I’m in Washington Park, Illinois which is a village in East St. Louis.  Wikipedia’s sole entry for it as a place was that it had a lot of strip clubs.  Wooo classy!  Anyway, at 257.5 miles, I’m almost halfway to my goal.  I think by the end of next week, if all goes well, I should be very close to halfway.  The new goal, if I haven’t mentioned it before, is to arrive on or around what would’ve been Melisa’s birthday, June 3.  

Also, I’m signed up for the Triple Crown of Running races in Louisville as well as the KDF mini-Marathon, so I should have no trouble getting mileage in…provided I don’t break something again.  But, the ankle feels good and the running program is actually ahead of schedule.  

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NaBloPoMo 20

nablo1108120x240Today I decided to give you a running update and I went looking for the last one and it was on October 23.  Interwebs, how did you let me go this long without an update?!  The good news is that I added almost 38 miles to my trip and broke the 200 mile barrier.  I’m almost to St. Louis on the MRH 570 run and as long as my knees hold up I should be able to make it the rest of the way.

The concern about my knees is that they’ve felt older lately.  I believe some of it has to do with the cold, some of it has to do with my poor stretching regimen Aside: hardly any stretching at all and some of it is probably directly related to the increase in mileage, although, it hasn’t been a huge increase.  Yesterday’s run was an abomination.  It was so cold I couldn’t catch my breath as I was running and I stopped after 15 minutes.  I wanted to stop after 3 minutes.  The 15 minutes, though, turned out to be a pretty decent jaunt.  I got almost a mile and a half in even with the stiff wind.  And the mile was a 9:46 mile which is pretty amazing.  I have, however, decided that due to the weather conditions and my prissy attitude about running, I will be going to the gym for my workouts from now on.


So, where exactly am I?  Huegely, Illinois…which is nowhere!  Not even on the radar screen for the intertubes! Well, I’m not far from St. Louis which is cool, although…the last time I attempted this run, I got to about St. Louis and then became disenchanted and never finished.  The goal is to finish by June 3 which would’ve been Melisa’s birthday.  I know, I know…the goal has changed several times, but I hadn’t planned on breaking my ankle back in February either…so deal!  Anyway, there it is.

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Running Update

Well, as I mentioned in a previous post, I did a lot of walking in Philadelphia.  And on Tuesday night, I went rock climbing with S. the Neighbor which was pretty cool.  I didn’t know if I’d enjoy it, but I had a pretty good time.  Turns out, I’m not nearly as strong as you might think.  As a matter of fact, if I needed to hang on to something for an indefinite period of time, I’m not sure I could manage.  Thank goodness for running. I can at least do that.

Since the last update, I’ve put on almost 17 miles.  My weight is down to around 208 which is a pretty great by-product of running.  And, according to the map, I’m near Middleton, IL which doesn’t even have a Wikipedia entry, so it makes you wonder what is there that was worth naming a village for.  I’ve also changed the map layout so that it’s easier to see.  You didn’t need all that topographical information anyway.  We all know that from Illinois to Colorado is pretty damn flat.


So, there it is…a running update.  I was hoping to do a little more politics…but I just can’t keep up with the stupid things being said.  I mean, from Palin saying she would be “in charge of the Senate” to Bachmann starting up McCarthyism all over again, there’s just too much to cover.  I will be doing some more, but it just won’t cover everything.

Also, people asked me if I was sad about the Red Sox.  Well, yeah, a little, but y’know, you can’t go to the “magic barrel” all the time and expect there to still be fairytale dust inside.  At some point you use it all.  We came up short against a good team and a Phillies/Rays series should be very interesting.  As my mother always said, “Somebody has to lose.”  Also, I don’t want to win so often that we become like the Yankees…*blurg*  So, yeah, sad…but it was a great season and I look forward to pitchers and catchers (hopefully Varitek!) reporting in February.

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Way to Normal

The title is a reference to Ben Folds’ new album, but this is a running update.  It just so happens that I’m in Illinois now on my way to Kansas.  I’ve reached the 150 mile mark in my Melisa Memorial 570, north of  Mill Shoals, IL.  Both my run and Ben Folds’ new album refer to places in Illinois.

Mill Shoals, Illinois was once the home of a thriving barrel-making industry which depleted nearby virgin forests and turned to agriculture until 1939 when oil was discovered.  By 1970, the oil was gone and Mill shoals returned to its agrarian roots.

So, Mill Shoals…not big on the sustainability of the environment.  Just use it up til it’s gone.  Must be Republicans.
My run yesterday went significantly well, although I had to run on the treadmill due to the pouring rain.  Still, I covered almost 3 miles in my 32:00 on the treadmill which is very, very promising.  I also lifted a few weights in the hopes of strengthening my legs.

In other news, I have not watched the debate yet.  I do have it on TiVo though…so, I will be watching it soon.  I was busy playing Mario Kart Wii with the Neighbors last night and was therefore preoccupied.  Also, I may not be posting as much next week as we will be in Philadelphia for the week.  But, you never know…so don’t just assume I won’t be saying anything.  You know, the Interwebs go to Philadelphia too…or so I’ve been told.

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Slow and Steady

Not that long ago, I was frustrated with my running program, but recently it has become easier to live with.  I’m actually enjoying it now and I seem to be increasing my distance within the time allotted.  My last run went really well and while I took yesterday off, I’m excited about the prospects for the rest of the week.  With that said, here’s another running update from the Melisa Memorial 570.


First, you’ll notice that the elevation chart is back, which I’m happy about.  You’ll also notice that toward the end it flattens out.  That’s because I’ve reached the Indiana/Illinois border (nearly!) at the Wabash River.  I’m also closest to Grayville, IL.

Grayville, IL is actually situated in two counties in Illinois and is the birthplace of naval hero (of the Spanish-American War and WWI) Rear Admiral James Meredith Helm. Their website City of Grayville also provides much more history and entertainment information.

WOW!  All residents of Grayville (roughly 2,043 of you) are invited to send in a comment on my blog.  I’d love to hear from you.

In other news, the Boston Red Sox clinched a playoff spot last night with a win over the Tribe.  Here’s to a great run in the postseason and another World Series win!  The weather here in Louisville has been absolutely outstanding over the last month or so which has led to some great sleeping and beautiful rides to work and back.  The lawn has suffered a little, but I’m not too worried about that.  The bermuda grass always bounces back.  And C. and I are planning trips to Philadelphia in October, Arizona in November and possibly a trip to New Orleans for me in January.  So, yeah, we’re out to see the country in short order.  WOOHOO!

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