It’s gonna get uglier

Let me start this post by saying I was aware of the Sarah Palin effigy and I wasn’t amused by that.  I consider it to be in poor taste and supremely ignorant on several accounts.  However, the Barack Obama effigy found on the University of Kentucky campus has legitimate historical precedence as being offensive and dangerous.  I don’t want to get into a debate about hate crimes Aside: all crimes are hate crimes…they’re hateful and criminal, therefore, hate crimes. or double standards Aside: I find both instances offensive., but here in the South (or close enough to the South), a Black person hanging by noose from a tree has historical significance.

According to some information from Tolnay and Beck A Festival of Violence: An Analysis of Southern Lynchings, 1882-1930, during those years, 118 Blacks were lynched by predominantly White mobs in the state of Kentucky.  This number pales in comparison to places like Mississippi and Georgia, but is nonetheless statistically significant and morally depressing.  

Events like the Obama effigy serve as reminders of this awful period of history.  As well, to have it happen here in this state dredges up even more memories.  1930 wasn’t that long ago and the civil rights movement is even more recent history.  Plus, for better or worse, the people of Kentucky are assumed racist by the general population given this history.  There’s no need to add fuel to the fire on this one.

Effigies are popular forms of dissension for a lot of reasons.  Guy Fawkes comes to mind Aside: Look it up and there may even be humorous reasons for effigies, though I can’t think of a single one at the moment.  And had the Obama effigy been burned without hanging, or even just taped to the wall somewhere, probably not as offensive…but I believe that there was some underlying hatred here that evokes some painful images.  As such, the ignorance associated with such an event should be brought to light and punished.

See you in the funny papers!

Running Update

Well, as I mentioned in a previous post, I did a lot of walking in Philadelphia.  And on Tuesday night, I went rock climbing with S. the Neighbor which was pretty cool.  I didn’t know if I’d enjoy it, but I had a pretty good time.  Turns out, I’m not nearly as strong as you might think.  As a matter of fact, if I needed to hang on to something for an indefinite period of time, I’m not sure I could manage.  Thank goodness for running. I can at least do that.

Since the last update, I’ve put on almost 17 miles.  My weight is down to around 208 which is a pretty great by-product of running.  And, according to the map, I’m near Middleton, IL which doesn’t even have a Wikipedia entry, so it makes you wonder what is there that was worth naming a village for.  I’ve also changed the map layout so that it’s easier to see.  You didn’t need all that topographical information anyway.  We all know that from Illinois to Colorado is pretty damn flat.


So, there it is…a running update.  I was hoping to do a little more politics…but I just can’t keep up with the stupid things being said.  I mean, from Palin saying she would be “in charge of the Senate” to Bachmann starting up McCarthyism all over again, there’s just too much to cover.  I will be doing some more, but it just won’t cover everything.

Also, people asked me if I was sad about the Red Sox.  Well, yeah, a little, but y’know, you can’t go to the “magic barrel” all the time and expect there to still be fairytale dust inside.  At some point you use it all.  We came up short against a good team and a Phillies/Rays series should be very interesting.  As my mother always said, “Somebody has to lose.”  Also, I don’t want to win so often that we become like the Yankees…*blurg*  So, yeah, sad…but it was a great season and I look forward to pitchers and catchers (hopefully Varitek!) reporting in February.

See you in the funny papers!

Debate about the debate

Let me say this: I expected Governor Palin to be a complete nitwit during this debate given what we’ve seen in the past week with her interviewing ability.  This statement is merely in the interest of disclosure.

I am of the opinion that this debate was not the lopsided affair that was expected by many.  However, I think that this is only true superficially. I believe that if we dig deep down past the obviously smoothly coached answers of both candidates, we’ll find that there was more substance in Senator Biden’s answers.  A lot will be made of Governor Palin’s down-home colloquialism and, here in Kentucky, we tend to buy into that as more honest, more forthright, more believable.  But, for my money and my vote it strayed toward corny.  If anything, she appeared to be less educated than Senator Biden when using her “doggones” and her folksy stories.

When I vote for a person to assist in leading the country, I want to feel that person has a grasp on what it takes to be a player on the global stage.  I think Governor Palin’s inexperience continues to show even in the face of her ability to answer questions regarding topics that everyone is talking about these days.  I give her credit certainly for making giant strides toward becoming more knowledgeable and capable of being that person at some point in the future, but I believe for now that Senator Biden is more professional and is a more rational choice for vice president.

Senator Biden, on a consistent basis, was able to answer the questions posed by the moderator.  More so, even, than the presidential counterparts were able to do last week.  And, not to use this as an rallying point, but his obvious compassion and understanding, evident when speaking about his family, was just the right amount of connection with the voters on Main Street.  His answers were more substantive, whereas Governor Palin’s regurgitated talking points showed very little understanding of the issues at hand.

It’s one thing to memorize the facts for the test, it’s completely another to understand the basic fundamentals in order to excel beyond the moment.  My thoughts and my vote remain unchanged aside from I don’t discount that Governor Palin can be molded into a politician, possibly worthy of her desired office.

See you in the funny papers!